Defense Secretary Hagel On Potty Time In The Military

His and HersAmericas’s Secretary Hagel has just said in public that the U.S. military should review its transgender ban. As Hagel is Secretary of Defense, the U.S. military has just received an order. Unless, of course, he has already told them to ignore his posturing. On this subject at this time, we assume he means it. And we look forward to the process.

There are two entirely different and very difficult aspects to this simple political 15 second media sound bite. The first but by no means least of these is that at bottom, (no double entendre) “transgender” involves very expensive surgery when it gets physical, which is to say, real. Who will be handed the bill for that? Will we see young folk signing up for a tour in the military to obtain this? Should the taxpayers be on the hook for this? Perhaps Obamacare already does that, we don’t know. Then, should the ‘transgender’ soldier or sailor (marine?) waive the ultimate physical commitment, how does a physically male enlistee who claims that the facts lie, he is actually, her, to be handled in the communal living common to the services? Are we to imprison all the young males who give ‘her’ a hard time in the barracks? That could do more damage to our military than any current enemy is likely to accomplish. But these are reality-based questions, easily brushed aside by experienced politicians with media support.

There remains another, more politically serious issue than a few billion spent on transgender surgery and a few resulting lawsuits. That question is: What sanitary facilities will these new fighting men … uh, women … uh, persons, use? This is not a small question. In a military base it is difficult enough; what about in the field? There is much to consider here.

Are the surgically changed to share bathrooms with the previously, opposite sex? Or are the new ‘girls’ to join the natural boys in the shower? This is already producing court cases and legislation in places like California, where the legislature has ruled that the transgender students will choose for themselves. How will that ‘solution’ go down in the military? How will planners know how many bathrooms to provide for each gender? Should they perhaps, take a poll as to preferences before setting up a camp? Imagine the lawsuits if the planners mess up! This is clearly a very serious political issue. Some general in charge of facilities might be retired early … to take the heat off Secretary Hagel (or his boss?).

These have become very serious questions in our newly sensitive culture. But we are now, newly sensitive to such things and these issues must be a sign of progress, right? In if nothing else, billed hours for legal firms. Oh, and yes, votes for politicians. And not to forget, lesson plan design for public schools …

So Secretary Hagel’s carefully off-the-cuff remark may well carry a very large impact; even more than the research that has gone into it, if there was such. But we will wager one thing from all this: The Air Force F 35 project, now years late and billions over price, may or may not be canceled … But the needed transgender potties will be built everywhere, needed or not.   

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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11 Responses to Defense Secretary Hagel On Potty Time In The Military

  1. LOL, thank you, I enjoyed that post.

    It’s a bit ironic, the country that does the second largest number of transgender operations in the world is Iran. There is a direct correlation between authoritarianism and transgenderism and it just astounds me that the so called tolerant ones don’t know about it. Gender reassignment surgery becomes the cure all for everything in totalitarian systems. You can’t seem to earn enough money, you must be a woman. Having homosexual thoughts? We have a cure for that. It’s actually a really creepy thing.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      That, given nature of that society, seems a very scary mileu. And given the U.S. government Obamacare committees deciding what doctors must and may not do for their patients, allows one to wonder haw that will be handled here, in 5 or 10 years …

  2. Oh honestly – when are human beings going to prioritise being intelligent beings rather than human bunny rabbits who can’t make up their mind which way to jump. Sex is not the pinnacle of humanities achievements. Rabbits don’t have anything better to do – human beings have hundreds of better things to do – take a holiday from sex. Medoxyprogesterone acetate will restore a sense of proportion – free yourself from genital obsession, concentrate on your job and discover the full potential of your human brain. A Huxleyian society isn’t worth living in.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      All entirely true. However, considering the average behavior of genus homo, difficult. When the US DefSec stands up and bleats about it, one’s sense of the ridiculous is irresistible. And behind that, are people suffering real damage out of all this. All of which makes it hard to ignore,

      • Your title – military potty time was appropriate. I accept the suffering. The human sex drive – whichever direction it goes, on a spectrum from low to high drive, the high drive end is going to cause a lot of suffering one way or another. What I was trying to get at was reduce the drive and a lot of the problems disappear. But oddly that is a solution which people seem to resist. Is sex an addiction, like a drug that people don’t wish to lose? They accept the suffering as a price. But it is a waste of everyone’s time when it becomes problematic.

  3. James Teague says:

    Some women have dressed as men to be in a war. Very few though. The numbers involved in transgender soldiers have to be miniscule given the low percent for the whole population and the physicals at sign up. Then there are the treatments and the operations. However, the transgender community doesn’t even want those procedures as the norm. Just declare your current identity, maybe change it later, if you feel like it. The whole gender pronoun meaning system related to the biological sex is to be destroyed by their agenda presumably because it works against LGBTQUIA choices.

    Standards for soldiers are being softened so women can get shot at in the front lines. There are some women who are obviously stronger and more fit than some men and if they wish to experience the dangers let them do so as long as they do not increase the danger to their unit.

    Perhaps a man might pretend to be a woman so he didn’t have to do as much, but this is a volunteer military and I think most volunteers would not do that. Another motivation might be sexual leering and sexual adventures. I predict the number of sexual encounters and assaults will increase in the showers and bathrooms, the unit effectiveness reports will go down, STD’s will increase, HIV will increase. The Secretary is doing what the Commander in Chief wants. It will lead to internal destruction of our military.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Likely the more the military is politicized, the less military it will become. Mixing social experiment with a war machine seems poor management if either of the two is taken seriously …

  4. Rawclyde! says:

    I’d like to make a deal with Mr. Chuck Hagel, U.S. Defense Secretary. I will not bad mouth whatever solution with which he comes up for transgender potties, if he sells the entire U.S. Warthog fleet to the Afghan National Army for one dollar. That fleet in their hands would break the Taliban!

  5. Jack Curtis says:

    Seems the Air Force needs to save $$$ and wants to retire the A-10s but some politicians don’t …

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