A Sterling Case Of Overexposure …



Though we had hoped to disregard Donald Sterling’s momentary roasting on the Liberal spite–excuse please, Liberal spit, the relentless media campaign forbids. One can after all, ignore even an annoying housefly only so long before giving up and going for the fly swatter. This is our fly swatter for the case of Mr. Sterling.

The gentleman in question, if he is such; we don’t profess to know — is held up for the Liberal Race War based upon a recording of a bawling-out of his much younger ‘lady friend’ for her choice of guests at basketball games featuring Mr. Sterling’s team. This tells us that Sterling is, besides decades older than his lady friend, incredibly wealthy since that is the only access to team ownership. We have no idea whether his wealth was stolen, inherited or earned by some huge or not-so-huge contribution to society. We have been told that he is a registered Democrat.

The recording is now used to brand Mr. Sterling as a: “racist.” No matter that the lady friend in question and both black and white basketball players deny this on his behalf; such testimony may be bought by such as Mr. Sterling. Responding to all this, the Basketball Gods banned Sterling from games — for life — and fined him $2.5 million.

This seems strange; if he is banned from games for life, why would he pay such a fine? But, it gets stranger yet. The basketball league let it be known that he would be forced to sell his franchise and politicians spoke of government forcing him to do so. We are now living in the Union of Soviet Socialist Americas? Does not the archaic, out-of-date and often inconvenient, Constitution require due process of law and compensation to deprive folks of their property? Guess not, anymore. That illusion vanished with General Motors and Chrysler after 2008 with few noticing.

Nobody brings up questions such as: Was the recording made with Mr. Sterling’s permission? Aren’t there some laws about such things? Bigger though than that, are we well served when our personal, allegedly private, words can justify such draconian punishments by both the state and others, mostly as a result of media hype? We don’t profess to know Me. Sterling or whether he is a saint or a sinner or how often he washes. We do however, know a little of the American Constitution and there, we see nothing providing for persecution as a result of ones’ personal views, however odious others may see them. Perhaps Sterling waived his Constitutional rights via a contract with the League? A court would have to sort out such an event and if so, Mr. Sterling should at least, fire his attorney.

Add to that, the matter of a sports team owner’s views and private conversations hardly seems worthy of much attention in economic hard times amidst such foreign policy failures as Ukraine and the Middle East coupled with such scandals as Benghazi and the IRS and NSA. Then again, perhaps those are the point ..?


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to A Sterling Case Of Overexposure …

  1. James Teague says:

    Mr. Sterling is a shameless, rich, white, jerk. One of the best fallouts of this so far is the local NAACP leader was ousted for giving “Man of the Year” awards to this guy who dished out large donations to “Black” causes, but apparently had inner issues with morality as we all do. People can choose the power of purchase to make his franchise lower in value or worthless if they want, though the team is currently is making its way towards championships.

    Similar racist remarks have been made by prominent and not so prominent Black, Muslim, Chinese, Japanese, Hispanics in private conversations all over the country and the world. Having lived in Hawaii for 11 years, I will guarantee you that each race living there has a hierarchy of the worth of the other races on the islands and they treat you that way.

    Letting any form of government force one to sell property or holdings based on somebody’s definition their “unacceptable” beliefs is a very slippery slope. We have already seen it with LGBTQUIA intolerance. I just read in a LA newspaper a person advocating making racist speech illegal. Attorney General Holder has shown us how that gets applied or ignored on the basis of his bias. Equal treatment and justice for all is “racist” to this man. Who defines what is racist? Can all races be racist or just whites? The answer is we all are, because we are all lost sinners. We need to repent and ask forgiveness of our Maker, the one who has shown us what Love looks like.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Shameless, apparently. Rich, evidently and White obviously. A Jerk, maybe, maybe not; the available facts seem both incomplete and likely unreliable. And by taking this button and sewing an entire suit of clothes onto it, the media servants of Left-wing pieties have helped buld a very slippery slope indeed …

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