Fun-Filled Fact Fades Fast (When It’s About Global Warming)

CornfieldThe Fun Fact of at least, this week and maybe even this month: A study has  shown that adding all that corn-based alcohol to make gasoline more ‘green’ is contributing more toward global warming than plain gasoline contributes. Oops?

This seemingly significant disclosure has somehow not been plastered in the headlines. Odd, considering the sheer magnitude of the production and spending it engenders. Corn prices have risen past what food uses would sustain under the Federal mandate that compels gasoline refiners to use a required annual minimum amount of the alcohol.. Just what our distressed unemployed need, right? And of course, adding stuff to gasoline increases its costs too.

Our “always thinking of the American welfare” governors have not seemed to notice this any more than the Major Media have noticed it. Guess the great minds are busy with more important things, right? Though it’s hard not to notice that the reduction of anything to do with ‘global warming’ is held out today as a major priority among  the mighty and Al Gore and Joe Biden, too. Maybe Hillary will stand up on this? Unlike silence, that might be mistaken for leadership.

But perhaps we hope for too much. If the plain, measured fact that the globe isn’t warming doesn’t slow the anti-energy parade, why should we expect the truth of gasahol to touch it? When all that nice money is rolling by corn farmers and politicians? Hmnn … If we plow the back lawn under and plant corn next yeat …

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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9 Responses to Fun-Filled Fact Fades Fast (When It’s About Global Warming)

  1. Pete says:

    Seems they also forget to mention that it takes more energy to make gasahol than regular gasoline, but this is to be expected from the same government leaders that refuse to OK a gas pipeline that would produce more jobs and cut down the fuel wasted shipping the fuel from North Dakota.

  2. NEO says:

    Can’t mess with the farmer welfare system, don’tcha know?

  3. cartoonmick says:

    In-depth studies, carried out over the last 45 seconds, confirm there is a direct link between the climate and politics.

    Both climate and politics change over time !! A fact confirmed in the afore mentioned in-depth study.

    “Man” is the main cause of all political change, therefore “Man” is the main cause of climate change.

    The climate is seen as a problem if a particular political party is in power, whereas there is no problem at all to be see with the climate if the opposite party is at the helm.

    So, the simplest way to solve any climate problems is to keep that party “who see no problems”, in power.

    Not only will this save the Earth from certain destruction, it will save a lot of money in the national budget as there’ll be no need for climate science committees, reports, analysis, action etc.

    Prior to the 45 second in-depth study, a cartoon was created, which may, or may not, conflict with the theme of the above summary.

    That climate change cartoon is here . . . . . . . .


    • Jack Curtis says:

      It is impressive when trained, sillygistical reasoning is applied to politics, ordinarily a theater of the absurd.One must approve of the cartoon (Provided the requisite stakes are reusable)! However, while installaction of the climateless party must indeed, resolve the climate issue, I’m not convinced that in general, GOP boondoggles are cheaper than Democratic ones …

  4. michael says:

    Of course Obama regulated an increase of 50 percent to corn ethanol in gasoline. He wouldn’t want fracking to get popular on his watch. Ethanol does two things not generally talked about, it increases the wear of engines and it lowers gas mileage, thank the liberals for their contribution!

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