Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother bit of the life of our world has passed by us; the fallout is assembled below for your use or abuse or even, amuse, as you prefer.

House Speaker Boehner evidently plans to meet his pledge to provide illegal immigrant amnesty by attaching a sneaky provision to the “must pass” defense bill; a provision that confers citizenship upon illegals who volunteer for military service. People have wondered why this is in the new bill since that has been in the law for decades. Once passed by the House, the plan is said to be to amend the provision up into the entire “Dream Act” in the Senate, where it will pass. After the Senate has sewed its suit of clothes onto the House’s button, a conference committee of the Speakers’ friends will close the deal and amnesty will be law while the border remains porous. Who elects these guys, anyway?

Obamacare  has given rise to a new term: “medically homeless”. These are folk who lacked insurance before signing up with Obamacare and after doing so, have insurance but can’t find a doctor who will serve them. Well, our Prez promised that you can keep your doctor; he didn’t promise to supply one if didn’t have any … And we’re told that the newly revised government health care statistics from the Census folks will so scramble things, that the effects of Obamacare will no longer be identifiable. Now, why did they do that?

Japan is expanding its military footprint for the first time in over 40 years, in response to China’s newly aggressive claims to islands in the East and South China sea.   Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines are present victims of the putsch; very reminiscent of the old: “What’s mine is mine; what’s yours, is negotiable.”

Chicago’s recently dropping crime rate is now alleged to be the result of book-cooking between the police boss and the Mayor. What, chicanery in Chicago? Can’t be!

A Long Island High School indefinitely suspended students for “displaying” a Confederate flag at school … Hmnn, if the South rises again, it won’t be when school is in session.

Western Washington (public) University put out a questionnaire asking how to reduce the numbers of white students on campus. Where’s a good, indignant attorney when you need one?

The U.S. is putting $10 M into border security … in Moldova.

Viagra ice cream, anyone? It’s available! We prefer not to think about this …

ICANN  will evidently remain under U.S. supervision; the White House received much blowback at its move to hand internet supervision to an international commission.

Fruit and vegetable prices are rising; beef, pork and shrimp are at record highs. We might suspect inflation, had the government not assured us otherwise …

Remember when public schools were controlled by locals? The Feds, starting in July, have banned “junk food” in schools. Kids clearly don’t vote …

A SARS research lab somehow has lost 2,000 vials of the deadly virus (everybody hold your breath).

5 people were stabbed to death at a Canadian house party. This will vanish from the news even faster than the 22 stabbed recently at a U.S. high school. (No guns to agonize over)

86 million full-time, private sector, productive workers are providing tax money to support 148 million recipients of government benefits. You may do the math … The graph of our declining workforce may help.

The Mayor of Peoria, IL did not appear to see the humor in the Twitter parody of hizzoner by a resident; he sent to police to raid the man’s home and confiscate his electronic gear. Remember when such events only took place under Nazi or Communist regimes?

Google and to a lesser extent, Facebook, are being accused increasingly of serving government at the expense of citizens. A marriage made in … well, you decide.

Hawaiian lefties, of whom there are many, are pushing for local regulation (read: abolition) of the international food giant seed farms on the island; the test labs of GMO seeds and farming. The ‘activists’ want the “Frankenfoods” eliminated, though the requisite horror stories are so far, unavailable. Genetically engineered food is helping millions heretofore starving; the anti-GMO left evidently wants to let ’em eat cake …

Some are wondering why the Obamafolk are bulding so many paramilitary SWAT units. It’s not controversial that the Secret Service and the Bureau of Prisons have them. But what about the Department of Agriculture, the Railroad Retirement Board, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Office of Personnel Management, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service?

The onetime City of Detroit is said to be discussing a $100 million Federal bailout with the White House. The White House can print up the money, Detroit can pour it down the same drain it has been using and the taxpayers, who will be on the hook to repay it all, already can’t repay what the haven’t yet realized that they owe … same old, sme old!

Well, we knew that this was destined, didn’t we? A woman undergoing fertility treatments (in vitro fertilization) has discovered that she has been implanted with the perfectly healthy and so far as we know happy, twins destined for another woman. We can see a sitcom in the future … If she aborts, will the other woman sue or perhaps file murder charges? If she carries to delivery, can she keep the twins? Can she or the other woman (or both) sue the fertility clinic? If so, how will damages be determined? Who is responsible for the kids? Besides the sitcom, a whole new field of law is opening up here!

While we appreciate the Creator’s obvious sense of humor here, we do feel for the victim, too.

And so another week of the ongoing human comedy, unexpurgated and now all yours.







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