Obama “Weakness” On Syria And Ukraine Is A Bad Rap …

Now It's Up To You, Mr. President ...

Now It’s Up To You, Mr. President …

We’re not Obama fans and to be honest, out of fashion as that may be, we aren’t Bush fans, either. But we noted that much of the anti-Bush spiel was hokum and it seems to us, so is much of the current attacks on our President. Both, we believe, have done or failed to do plenty to complain about; these cheap, hypocritical and specious complaints do nothing to advance the welfare of our Republic. Maybe they sell newspaper and sponsor’s products?

An especially annoying example is the fuss now over President Obama’s handling of Syria and Ukraine. The decades-in-office Syrian dictator Bashar Assad is fighting a civil war against a mix of secular rebels and Islamic fundamentalists that attacks Mr. Assad’s regime when they aren’t busy attacking each other. Mr. Assad floats on a flood of Iranian and Russian support that keeps his head above the flood … barely.

Ukraine hasn’t been a country since roughly, the 14th Century; it has passed back and forth among Poland, Russia, Austria and was even Lithuanian for a while. So when the Soviets turned it loose, there was little political tradition upon which to build a nation upon short notice. Full of the same corruption as its long time Communist master Russia, it has struggled to cohere, burdened with a Russified East and a European-aspiring West that speak different languages and live in different cultures.

Does this seem the fault of our President? Or for that matter, of his predecessor? Hardly. The world’s declining economy (that we’re not supposed to notice) roused the Syrians and Ukrainians both; we can blame both Obama and Bush for their share in that, but only for the share. Others are hip-deep in that. Russia needs to distract is folk from its economic inadequacy; rebuilding the Russo-Soviet Empire will serve and is under way in Ukraine. It started in Georgia a couple of years ago and though unremarked in the news, is going on in Moldova and elsewhere as well. No Obama/Bush fingerprints here … though perhaps Mr. Obama sees a need for some distractions, too.

So we ask: What do the folk complaining of the Presidents’ “weakness” suggest that he do? Are we to send troops to Ukraine? Attack Russia? What? We hear that we should supply weapons to Ukraine. The Ukrainian military is disorganized, with some troops favoring Russia and some not. There is no effective government. Who would end up with those weapons? And Ukraine is, like Syria, dead broke and in need of a huge financial bailout. Mr. Putin is picking up a Tar Baby that he may spend a long time regretting. The U.S. is in deficit with excessive debt, how will it finance a Ukraine involvement? Mr. Obama’s critics are silent on these points.

In Syria, our Prez. could have much more effect at a much cheaper cost. Just supplying air support for the “rebels” would make a huge difference. But do we want a Syria sans Assad but fallen into a failed state fought over between murderous Islamicists and secular rebels unable to agree on anything but more killing? Such as Libya? What is there for America in that?

So for us, the question is, what do we want our President to do and our response is: Unfortunately, nothing. We can’t save the world from itself and we as yet, haven’t saved the U.S. from itself. That should be our priority. So let’s get off the Prez on these foreign affairs and complain about American finances; that’s something he can address … and should! His succession of huge deficits with less spending always “tomorrow” doesn’t do what is needed. Here, he shows real weakness, fearing to represent the truth to the American people. Beef up your courage, Mr. President … You find it easy enough to kill your chosen enemies with drones, why can’t you kill some deficits? That would be leadership!

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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12 Responses to Obama “Weakness” On Syria And Ukraine Is A Bad Rap …

  1. James Teague says:

    Some derisive comments may be due to Mr. Obama, Mr. Kerry and Mr. Biden’s habit of talking BIG with no means to act tough. Our missile response to Syria was to be a “pinprick” so why do it? “Russia you will pay”; with sanctions on 9 people?

    We have nothing to win in Syria; the only “good” side there, the Christians, are killed from both Muslim sides. Alawites and Shiites at least are slowing down the Sunni drive to world dominance. Why Hillary, and McCain wish antitank and hand held manpad missiles in the hands of Sunni Muslims is beyond me. It got the 4 killed in Benghazi already.

    Communists bled Ukraine in the 20-30s. Stalin hated them and starved them in persecutions way larger than the Hitler Holocaust of Jews. The bigger worry is Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Finland. These places could be next and they should really deserve our defense. But, we have no means to defend them and Putin know it. Russian imperialism is on the march, not nationalism.

  2. michael says:

    The one thing I would like to see Obama do is the same thing Bush did in Georgia. That is to send troops to “help” maintain order in east Ukraine, It would have to be with Ukraine’s blessing but it would make it much harder for Russia to gain more ground. It could even be UN troops.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Would that not require a rather larger force, given the relative territories and populations? And therefore, a relatively .larger bill for the U.S. to finance from its deficit …
      Also worrisome is the prospect for our troops finding themselves in the middle of a civil war, should Putin decide to push that far. Color me, chicken!

  3. jmsabbagh says:

    Weakness plus no foreign policy plan.

  4. Pete says:

    The problem I think is that the White House policy is to keep the Ukraine or any other news story front page as long as the media does not remind voters about the budget deficit and obama-care.

  5. NEO says:

    Well said, Jack. Ukraine is pretty much unsupportable without Europe on board, and they can’t (or at least think they can’t) be. The logistics just don’t work, if you want to pressure Putin, do it in the Baltic or around Vladivostok, we can get there. Syria’s a dog’s breakfast without good guys (sole exception: the Christians).

    But the thing is, I have no real problem with not doing anything here, my problem is all the big talk about how we are going to solve all the world’s problems and THEN doing nothing. Credibility is expensive to get, especially in blood, and easy to lose, especially with cheap bravado, as we’ve so well proven.

  6. Jack Curtis says:

    Maybe “reporters” is no longer an appropriate job title?
    “Flack” comes to mind, for some reason …

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