Cosmology, Religion, Politics, Human Nature … And Reality?

Reality Sucks!There is much that we don’t understand in our cosmos. We don’t understand relativity, for instance. They say that a traveler at high speed through space would, were he to return to earth, find that decades had passed in an interval that seemed to him, much shorter. Well, if you say so … To us, that requires that a chemical reaction on the traveler’s vessel must proceed simultaneously at different rates, depending upon the location of the observer. Thus, the same molecules are behaving more than one fashion at the same time. Again, if you say so … But to us, in our ignorance, is suggests that you have made an illusion, a convenient finagle factor to balance your equations.

Another problem for us is the magnitude of the universe. It’s observably a large place, measured in terms of billions of light years. As light is said to shuffle along at some 286,000 miles in one little second, a year at that rate is an impressive distance. Billions of such years boggles our small mind. And raises the question: If the Creator thinks we’re as important as we think we are, why did He construct so much unused universe around us, universe that we can’t even visit, let alone use? We don’t seem so important afloat in all that! As said, we’re pretty ignorant.

But some things seem understandable, our own human nature being one. We have, after all, been using it and observing it for rather a long (by our standards) time. So when some of our own species attempts to exploit that nature for his, her and now we guess, its benefit, we tend to become a tad defensive since it’s all been paraded in front of us before over our recorded as well as legendary history.

Go back and read of the ancient Jews repeatedly falling away from the Lord’s righteous path, into idolatry and sinfulness as the Bible puts it. Not just once, either. Jump ahead to old Rome and read of its fall from conservative rectitude into empire and decadence. Or if you prefer, visit Constantinople (now Istanbul), or Teotihuacan. Our species seems to channel the annual flowers, blossoming into a short-lived flowering and then dying away into a political winter until another Spring permits another, greater, flowering.

We can see enough of the world coming together now with our new technology to recognize a familiar politico-economic path that we have trod so many times, a path that has led to social dissolution repeatedly in the past. We see no reason that it will lead elsewhere this time, though we are assured that is so by folks who in most cases, are invested in that belief. In any event, we shall see whether “That which I feared has come upon me!” or whether we are just as our young tend to tell us, too old to get it, anymore.

Wanna bet?


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to Cosmology, Religion, Politics, Human Nature … And Reality?

  1. Pete says:

    In my personal reality I am just one confused human. When I got older I thought I would understand why things worked the way they do and now at that point in my life nothing, (aka..society as a whole), is working like it should.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Working like it should, or working the way you see as best? I don’t like where our society seems headed but perhaps, these historical rises and falls are built into our species and lead to some long term goal we don’t see yet. Dunno, but can’t rule it out.

  2. Great post! I often feel as if I’d been dropped on my head on an alien planet full of stupid people. I mean come on, it’s not like we haven’t already done this same thing a million times before. Like, what could possibly go wrong here??

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Thanks! We do seem slow learners in some ways, don’t we? Our tech moves right along while we still can’t govern ourselves after millenia of trying. Makes me think government is an organic result of our DNA and therefore, won’t change until the genes do. Pessimistic, I know …

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