Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannThere is much tonight:

The Federal BLM is standing down; withdrawing its 200 armed agents from the Bundy ranch in Nevada and stopping its removal of Bundy cattle. Score another win for the Internet and social media publicizing government thuggery, or perhaps it was the growing light in dark places as what was called the real story appeared. We doubt that the Bundys are home free, but the frontal armed assault has apparently, failed.

A map of the countries developing armed drones suggests that we’re all going to be developing stronger neck muscles, from looking up a lot more than we’re accustomed.

A lab-grown, implantable human vagina and lab-grown, human nose cartilage are now  scientific realities. The cartilage will be a gift to surgical rebuilding of broken or otherwise unsatisfactory noses; we are afraid to consider all the possibilities of the vagina.

A developmentally disabled Pennsylvania high school student secretly recorded the relentless bullying he suffered, taking the evidence to the school principal. The principal called the police; the 16 year old boy was arrested and convicted of breaking wiretapping laws.

Another Pennsylvania student injured over 20 people on a stabbing spree in school, using two kitchen knives. We don’t know why or whether he was on meds. But as this is such a gift to those defending gun ownership, we will bet on its incredibly rapid disappearance from the news.


Ex President George W. Bush spoke out regarding the deplorable discrepancy between black and white kid’s achievements; he feels we should do something about that.  First, seems to us, the black kids have to want to do something about that. NOT to have something done for them about that….

A ‘mob‘ of some 20 clearly organized teen boys and girls randomly attacked at least 6 innocent individuals one night in Boston. It seems to us, from the careful avoidance of the topic in the report, that they were probably black kids. (The police referred to the ‘knockout game’). The group robbed victims in at least some cases.

We’re told that in Louisville, black mobs are becoming too much to ignore. We hadn’t known that things could get that bad.

Scientists unconvinced of global warming tired of hearing that they don’t exist, are now putting out responses to the U.N. decrees on the subject. We note that, while the new group has more science and facts on its side, the U.N. has more money to spend.

Since 1975, the U.S. government banned export of crude oil. Republicans would like to remove that ban to help the E.U. escape Mr. Putin’s clutches. The Obamafolk don’t seem interested, at the moment.

An informative map, that shows how the middle class is vanishing from Chicago.

High U.S. prices are maintained on prescription drugs by U.S. laws preventing importing them from other countries where they are cheaper. Because imports worth less than $2,500 were not prevented, a lot of drugstores opened in Mexico close to border crossing points. Lots of U.S. seniors have been obtaining cheaper drugs there for years. Now, the compassionate Obamafolk are closing the loophole.

Congressman Jim Moran (D) complained that he is underpaid.

The roof of the villa of North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un, fell in. Apparently, it was built similarly to the country’s economy.

In an emergency, could you find a quick $2,000? This link shows how many of us could … and provides something to consider re the financial condition of Americans.

A nursing home was sued for bringing in strippers to entertain its elderly patients.

Los Angeles cops tinkered with the recorders in their cars to avoid monitoring on duty.

The 8 largest banks have failed Federal ‘stress’ tests; maybe it’s not a good time to keep too much money in them….

Denver public schools are hiring wetbacks for teaching positions. (Might be an improvement.)

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies shot and killed an innocent man. Likely couldn’t find a guilty one …

We’re told that more young women are choosing small dogs over motherhood. If you want to go there …

Update on cow farts: The GOP warned the Obama Administration that, if it was going to as announced, regulate cow methane bursts, the Congress was going to tax them.

And if all these don’t blow you away, you may go stand behind a cow, holding a lighted match.




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