Are Today’s Police The Citizens’ Protectors?’

Foothills ShootingYou’re a citizen; are the cops still on your side? The L.A. police cars when I was a kid, said on their doors: “To serve and to protect” and we believed it. Decades later in Albuquerque, a local front page columnist’s headline was: “I’ve come to fear the protectors.”

We hear today that the cops have become too militarized. They now turn up in armored vehicles with high powered rifles, body armor and helmets. They approach people’s homes with or on occasion, without warrants by smashing in doors, flooding the place with tear gas and swarming inside like storm troopers assaulting a defended strong point. Inside, everyone is automatically thrown to the floor, handcuffed and hauled outside. The police assault team usually accompanies this while screaming orders at the hapless victims who on occasion, have turned out to be elderly couples innocent of any crime. A signature raid occurred in Chicken, Alaska where in previous years, a single government agent had come by on occasion to inspect.

It is not only Alaska, the same escalation is occurring at local police departments everywhere. What was once enforcement, is turning into assaults. And while there are reasons for this, they seem out of place in what has taken pride in its status as a free country.

There are three reasons for this. First, the abandonment of Christian values has produced an increasingly violent society and the police are facing more danger than they expected in the recent past. So they run scared. Second, the cops themselves are more callous than their forebears and so, quicker on the trigger. And finally, their position as representatives of government carries more arrogance than heretofore; they expect to be obeyed and are not patient with laggards. A result, is increasing numbers of dead citizens.

In Albuquerque recently, an obviously mentally incompetent “camper” was approached by a posse of cops in the foothills. He was upset by them and warned them that he would defend himself with his knife. So they shot him to death in a fusillade of bullets. The video has attracted a Federal investigation. Our supposition is that the cops didn’t wish to waste time or take risks so they solved their problem with bullets. Why not, the citizen was a worthless street person anyway. But we note that failure to instantly obey a cop these days, is a good way of becoming dead.

That fits; as God is abandoned, the government takes His place to determine whether you live or die. And for that, the cops are on the front line. They prefer that it be you rather than them on the slab after any confrontation. And who can blame them?

We recall the classic tale of a Texas Ranger of yore: A panicked Mayor telegraphed the Governor for help with a riot. Shortly, a Texas Ranger called upon the Mayor for instructions. The Mayor, upset, asked if the single Ranger was all the help he was receiving. The ranger replied: “Well, you only have one riot, right?” Times have changed.

This is what we voters have made for ourselves; becoming dependent upon government carries with it, obedience to government. Or else….

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Are Today’s Police The Citizens’ Protectors?’

  1. michael says:

    Democrats version of gun control. Shoot first ask questions later.

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