The Ongoing Comedy Of The News …

And With Tonight's News ...

And With Tonight’s News …

This week, a local news reporter just back from the White House told us that President Obama’s “press conferences” were scripted, with questions submitted in advance and sometimes, answered in advance. The reporter thought people would be surprised.

The White House denied every word she had said; she immediately took it all back. Whereupon a retired and therefore, more courageous flack spoke up, saying that the reporter was correct the first time. Perhaps Mrs. Obama will bring White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a Chinese fireman’s uniform when she returns from Beijing, so he can dress properly for such Chinese fire drills in the future. Assuming he has one …

We assume that anyone with our Prez’ attention to teleprompters has scripted such “public” appearances as press conferences down to the last belch. We suppose that any reporter who doesn’t go along will shortly find him, her, itself looking for the Presidential dog to interview as Mr. Carney will be inaccessible. And the dog will likely bite him, her, it.

We are fully qualified experts on the missing Malaysian flight; we have no idea where it is or what happened to it, either. We assume, using the same process that led us to suppose President Obama sees his questions in advance, that one or more governments know a good deal more than we do. We even suppose that media mogul Rupert Murdoch might have some idea, or why would he tweet about it? His suggestion at least fits reality, unlike a number of others. We think it’s all a White House conspiracy intended to pull public attention away from Obamacare. See? Jay Carney isn’t as hapless as he looks!

Along those lines, the Senate is getting ready to pass a “shield law” protecting newsfolk when they refuse to reveal confidential sources. New York’s Senator Schumer said enough Republicans (the usual suspects, we presume) will join the Democrats to pass the measure, thus protecting “covered” newsfolk. We also presume that “covered” will apply to registered Democrats and  specifically exclude Fox News.

All this is just to point to the joined-at-the-hip nature of big media and big government in our “crony capitalistic” world. The only reason we know more than our masters wish us to know, is the internet. And our government has just announced that it is relinquishing supervision of ICANN, the internet administrator, in favor of an international body as yet unnamed. Our Feds haven’t been able to sell their grabbing control of the net, so perhaps they’re setting up a controller beyond the reach of American public opinion? Damn, there’s a wild conspiracy theory for you! Pretty soon, if we can keep it up, we might even qualify for Rupert Murdoch’s league!

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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4 Responses to The Ongoing Comedy Of The News …

  1. NEO says:

    re: The Internet: Spot on, I think. Most important issue this year, if one values freedom. Heard much? yeah, crickets.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Yeah, and no crickets have Facebook accounts …
      I wonder if any government will happily tolerate an open internet any longer than it has to … the same in that way, as churches!

      • NEO says:

        I do as well, i suspect as do many that Commerce is giving it away because we will not permit them to control it.

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