Did YOUR Mom Prepare You For The Congressional Budget Director?

Bert and his Mom

Bert and his Mom

It’s “Good Night, Ladies” and the party’s over for any with more than half a brain cell; the laggards received notice from the Congressional Budget Office. per its Director. He said, in public, that we face “unpleasant” decisions affecting Social Security and healthcare. Maybe something to do with the Fed cutting its funny money printing another $10 B monthly. When such as these start pleading poor, you may wish to believe.

We’re reminded by such childish behavior as we’ve been seeing from our Congress, of the times we were growing up. The contrast enlightens, if one pays attention.

To see how the way things were in America morphed into the way things are, one may profit from Bert Christensen’s: “Things My Mother Taught Me.”  Compare Bert’s mom’s child rearing with today’s; it explains a lot.

Bert said his mom taught him to appreciate a job well done:

“If you two are going to kill each other, do it outside; I just finished cleaning!”

Contrast that with the half hour patient lecture on tolerance and each other’s rights, etc. today during a “Time Out.”

Bert’s mom on Religion:

“You’d better pray that stain will come out of the carpet!”

On Time Travel:

“If you don’t straighten up, I’m going to knock you into the middle of next week!”(imagine the reaction of today’s experts to that one!)

Bert’s mom taught him Logic, too:

“Because I said so, that’s why!”

She also taught Irony:

“KeeP crying, and I’ll give you something to cry about!”

And she taught Osmosis:

“Shut your mouth and eat your supper!”

She imparted Stamina:

“You’re going to sit there until all that spinach is gone!”

And there were: “Just wait until we get home!” and “Stop acting like your father!” and “There are millions of little kids in the world who don’t have caring parents like you do” and “When you get to my age, you’ll understand.” and the best of all: “When you grow up and have kids, I hope they’ll be just like you!”

That’s what produced the folks who built America; today’s child guru’s are horrified at such primitive, barbaric child-rearing. We’re supposed to reason with our little savages and point out their social responsibilities. Right!

But we ask this question: Given a choice, would you prefer to live out your time in the America of Bert’s mom, or the America of today? Your call …

And: Yeah, mom, We’d like to be like our father!


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Did YOUR Mom Prepare You For The Congressional Budget Director?

  1. michael says:

    I don’t want to be like my father! He is old!!

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