Let’s Not Blame President Obama For The Wrong Things …

President Obama Faces Some Headwinds

President Obama Faces Some Headwinds

We explained yesterday why we see the President as inept at his job. Given the data, the conclusion was inevitable and inarguable; none has so far, argued against it. Here, we’re interested in things for which the Prez is blamed, that are not his responsibility. Blaming him for them may be fun for some, but it’s not fair. We wish to be fair; we’re not, after all, politicians. We can’t blame the President for invading Iraq and Afghanistan; those were done by his Republican predecessor. We can’t blame him for the outcome in Iraq; he closed that occupation down on his predecessor’s schedule. We can blame him for the outcome in Afghanistan only if we believe that someone else might have attained a different result.

We don’t see how we can blame the President for Russia annexing Crimea, either. Russia has done that before and likely if we wait long enough, will do it again. How President Obama should prevent it is not obvious. (We note that the late Neville Chamberlain is being apologetically refurbished in some circles.) The truth seems to be that our President’s choices are what he is doing–essentially, nothing–or war with Russia. While Russia is not up to a war with the U.S, neither is the U.S. up to a war with Russia. No money.

We have already blamed Mr. Obama for his endless overspending and we must also admit that his Republican predecessor did it before him and the presently Republican House of Representatives is funding it for him while hypocritically complaining of it. Some blame the Prez for not attacking Syria but the money missing from war with Russia is unavailable for Syria as well. And one may add the fact that the earlier attempt in Libya has produced distinctly off-putting results.

So, we shouldn’t be too hard on our President. Yes, he’s incompetent, dishonest and largely ineffectual but we must note that the same applies to most of the rest of the scalawags of both parties presently sniffing around the available carrion. And he performs an ongoing service for all of us in persistently giving golf a bad name.

If Barack Obama is the latest in a bad lot, what should we hope for when his visible successors are cut from the same cloth? Given that the voters who elected his predecessors and then him are still in place and not nearly upset enough to face reality, that is the question.

Our answer certainly does not represent the current peoples’ choice but for what it is worth (about 1/100th of a Bitcoin) we will offer it anyway: Someone presently invisible, who will stand up, declare that deficits must stop and present a plan for stopping them that actually does in fact, stop them. Someone who will admit that the U.S. cannot proceed on fiat money and must retrench from its recent attempts at world hegemony. And finally, someone who will remove the government millstone from around the neck of enterprise and of those individuals who wish to pursue it. Saving the planet sounds nice though largely unnecessary at best; what matters, is first saving ourselves. And to accomplish that, we need a leader who is committed to that course.

If there are any such in today’s Washington, they are presently invisible. We can not, as the Scripture has it, cast out devils by Beelzebub; we must cast them out by the wrath of voters. Then, our house swept and garnished, we may welcome replacements who are not angels, but are responsible, adult politicians who can be seen to operate in reality. The really hard part of course, is that we must face that same reality if we are to expect our new politicians to address it, and it bears a frightening, repulsive name: Sacrifice.

The American public really owes the national debt and will repay it one way or another. We can by electing responsible leaders, take control of the process or we can continue following the Washington models Presidents Bush and Obama have followed until Reality takes over and assesses us its usual commission for that service. The price for that, is always high and nor will President Obama nor any politician pay it for us.


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