Barack Hussein Obama Proves That George Washington Was Right

Obama and WashingtonMany American Presidents have proven to be mountebanks, popinjays and spectacular exemplars of the Peter Principle; few have demonstrated all of those at once and of those few, Barack Hussein Obama is one and a leader among the few.

Complaining of presidents is an American national political pastime as well as the road to the White House for any candidate; we will therefore specify our accusations. We do not intend to be unfair, dishonest or biased in this little polemic; we reserve those for the honorable Mr. Obama, who has demonstrated that he knows what to do with them and with the truth as well..

The American President is: “The leader of the free world” according to newsflacks. As in so much of their writing these days, there is truth in that but it is not the truth. Little of the world these days is free anymore and our President is but first among many, nowadays. If you think you are free today, go ahead and refuse to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, deny abortion coverage for your employees’ health insurance or just call someone a damn nigger in front of witnesses.

Our President does not understand his job and therefore, cannot perform it. Given his lack of experience in executive positions, that is understandable and was predicted when he was hired from a blank resume. We will support this observation with examples that seem to us, inarguable:

First, he does not understand how to be a successful executive; his administration is an administrative chaos and if a reader wishes to disagree, said reader may do so only after explaining why the failed roll-out of Obamacare is not a Presidential responsibility.

Second, Mr. Obama does not understand leadership. In an extended economic malaise in which millions are unemployed and struggling upon government hand-outs, he ostentatiously lives the high life in public while his spouse flaunts $12,000 gowns. It is no wonder that she is sometimes nicknamed: “Michelle Antoinette.”  Anyone who understood–and cared–about leadership would present a much humbler public persona, in recognition of the condition of his people.

Third will be the President’s policies; focusing here upon his foreign policies and his budget making. The first have been costly failures to advance the interests of the United States; the second, unsustainable and unjustifiable spending demonstrably beyond the means of the country. Again, readers are invited to object if they see unfairness in these accusations; in this case, after explaining the benefits of Afghanistan and Libya, followed by how the nations’ debt will be repaid.

Finally, there is the caliber of his underlings. A famous French king of nondescript talent ran a successful administration using highly capable appointees; he was called: “King Louis, the Well Served.” President Obama is no King Louis in this, his advisers and appointees have been much of the reason for his inept policy making. As a postscript, we can add the ineptness of his lying. All presidents lie but few do it so often and so badly. “You can keep your doctor” is the new Pinocchio’s nose.

Though a poor president, Barack Obama is an extraordinarily successful politician; he spun almost nothing into the Presidency of the United States. It is the country’s failure that such an empty resume carried him so far. American voters certainly deserve what they have made and have yielded up any right to complain.

Parsing the situation in search of the cause for this deplorable condition seems to lead directly to America’s two-party system of electing its governors and to President George Washington;s warning of the weaknesses of such a system. Whatever one thinks of President Washington’s opinion, it seems inarguable that a system that saddles the world’s most wealthy and powerful nation with its present caliber of leadership is subject to weaknesses.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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  1. michael says:

    So much to say so little time, THAT blog could have been much longer. 😛

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