Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politicaylu Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother Saturday, another selection of characterizing reports for your assembly into a picture of our times — a picture only you can see. Please pay attention; these times will never come our way again, at least not exactly.

We open with a mystery, a police procedural from Louisiana: How a 22 year old black kid (named White) was able, after being searched , found to be bearing drugs, handcuffed behind his back and shoved into a police car, to draw his gun and shoot himself as the (apparently unimaginative) police said he did. And he is now too dead to argue.

Next a warning; the price of eggs will rise (as much else is also doing) because compassionate California voters want happier chickens. They voted to enlarge the living quarters of egg-laying hens, a substantial cost rise for egg producers in California, and since imported eggs are involved too, elsewhere also. The Golden State buys too many eggs to be ignored. You will be able to save up for an omelet knowing it comes from more contented hens …

Russia’s President Putin threatened to cut off Europe’s gas, along with the Crimea. Hillary is getting flak for comparing this behavior to Hitler’s; she is perfectly correct, as older inhabitants of the Rhineland and the Sudetenland well know.

Lollipops containing pot are being smuggled across the border. We will be told to stop legalizing pot to Save The Kids! (And the jobs of millions of drug enforcement folk)

NASA admitted selling jet fuel to (Democrat friendly) Google executives below market prices. The IRS considers the savings taxable income, but has shown no interest to date.

CBS and NBC regularly report warnings from global warming scientists but have reported no research questioning warming in the last 1,300 days.

Knockout Game report: Black on white; out cold with a broken jaw. Knockout 2, in New York City. And an apparently gratuitous 3 blacks on 1 white beating.

A pregnant woman in labor was robbed at gunpoint. Without anesthesia, too.

The latest diet fad — is eating bugs. Protein, no fat, chitin for roughage, cheap — What’s not to like? Here; heave a chocolate-coated cockroach!

California farmers will receive no water this year from the state’s federal water project. It won’t be only egg prices going up….

If you wonder where politicians get their economic ideas, you aren’t alone. Their economic advisers and economists in general are, per Nobel laureate Robert Samuelson (economics), sitting in the dark.

Sec. of State Kerry says Putin is acting in Ukraine out of “desperation and weakness.” We subscribe to the desperation and weakness but doubt that they pertain so much to President Putin….

A certified “Green Energy” building in Washington, D.C.  was found to be using more energy than old style, ordinary buildings. No worries; it’s ok, at least politically.

A comic lamented that comedy has descended from mocking the powerful, to mocking poop. We’re not sure that was really all that much of a descent.

Tale of 3 Cities: The country’s 3 largest cities, long managed by Democrats and full of corruption, are on the edge of bankruptcy. Why not, so is the country!

The FDA wants to be sure that teen girls have cheap ‘morning after’ pills available. Hmnn … And we used to think that the girls needing such were what was cheap….

The Labor Force has shrunk to its lowest in 35 years and the Democrats are celebrating folks new option to choose not to work.

Injury reports are spiking upward, ascribed to texting while walking. Well, make the buttons bigger, or the steps smaller!

President Obama wants to use our money to help black and Hispanic boys. We presume he thinks girls are getting enough help from somewhere or other and we note that nobody seems to think that white boys deserve any help. We’ll wager that, in a decade or so, those without the ‘help’ will be doing better than the ‘helped.’

Another cop arrested a citizen for making a video of his police work on the street.

Reports are saying that cancer patients receiving chemotherapy often die harder than those who don’t receive it. Moral: Go home and die; chemo is expensive and Obamacare doesn’t want to pay for it.(We’ll be seeing more of this.)

The President’s proposed budget uses fakes to reduce the deficits built in (and reported by the Congressional Budget Office) and contains a $5.5 B Obamacare bailout. If the GOP actually wishes to dump Obamacare (which we doubt) it will not fund the bailout, right?

Finally, we report that one in ten Americans seems to believe that: “HTML” is an STD.

With that, we wind up our collective take on being American in 2014’s early Springtime and remind you, if you haven’t yet done so, to set your clocks ahead one hour.









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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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2 Responses to Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politicaylu Uncorrected)

  1. LOL! What a mad, mad, world. I’m now staring into my webcam wondering if the NSA is checking me out with face recognition software, while feeling bad about some organic free range chickens in Oregon that have not yet been hand massaged by the famer’s virgin daughters. Time for a over priced, free trade, skinny, twice dipped mocha.

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