Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorreceted)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother Saturday reminiscence of the week’s fears, formalities and foolishness:

The S&P 500 set a new, record high for the stock market, while NASDAQ reached a 14 year top. Recommended: It’s time to recall that the stock market moves in two directions. Nor has the financial equivalent of the law of gravity, been suspended.

Designer babies are now on the table, or about to be in utero if you dislike the gambling term.  Here we have one dad and two moms whipping up an offspring; if this flies, it will we suppose, open wide a starting gate for which our readiness seems questionable at best. But given the progress of science and the condition of society, you know that it will happen!

Intrepid Scientists or somebody have now done the work to be able to tell us that among Europeans, Britons are the most likely to remain faithful in a romantic relationship, while those most likely to cheat, are French. Knowing this, may someday save your life … or not.

A cop pulled over a 79 year old man driving a  pickup and when the old guy reached for his cane, said cop shot him dead. Be careful what you reach for …

Since Mrs. Obama’s Federal school lunch rules went into effect, more than 1 million students have stopped buying school lunches. Well, that’s one way to address obesity!

Propane is cheap in Texas, which produces it; Freezing northeasterners though, can’t use it. They must instead, import much more expensive stuff from Europe; a result of the wisdom of Congress called the Jones Act. It’s illegal to send American products from one U.S. port to another in foreign ships … and there aren’t any suitable U.S. ships.

Some days, a poor, hapless President must feel it’s not worth getting up in the morning. Russia’s Putin has not dropped Ukraine when told by the Prez, Iran is going ahead with its nukes even though our President  said: “Pretty please, with sugar on it.” Worse, well known bully Charles Krauthamer said right out in public (Oh, the horrer-) that the President seems weak. We assume that Mr. Krauthamer, if it has not happened yet, will soon be audited by the IRS. And we advise him never to undress in front of his computer webcam …

New York City Police have evidently failed to notice President Obama and VP Joe Biden jogging around the White House (In work shoes) for Mrs. O’s “Lets Move!” campaign; they ticketed a Central park jogger trying to exercise, for using the park before it was open.

The U.S. now produces less electricity, at a higher price, for 13 M more people. Could there be something wrong with this picture?

A cop who objected to the woman he pulled over filming the event, jailed her. She was released the next day, uncharged and her lawyer expects a nice settlement….

Polar Bear” attacks have evidently joined the “Knockout game.” That’s what 3 black teens called their shooting and stabbing of a white Dayton bus driver. Can’t be racism though since the blacks were the attackers….

The federal Dept. of Health and Human Services wants access to everything on Twitter. What do they think they are, the NSA?

Yet another high ranking, successful banker was found dead, the 9th in a series of ‘coincidences’ beginning to attract attention. Hmnn … Weren’t they jumping out of high-rise windows during the early 1930’s?

Our President “No Nukes for Bad Guys” Obama has quietly approved a deal to supply nuclear fuel and technology to Vietnam. (Actually, it may not be a bad idea)

Public pensioners are suffering along with the private sector; in New Jersey, only 1,731 of them draw a pension exceeding $100 k annually … and of those, only a quarter have been doing so more than 3 years.

A railroad station mass attack that left at least 23 dead and 109 or more, injured involved no guns; it was all done with knives. “Knife violence” must now be added to “gun violence” and how on earth are we going to operate kitchens when permits and background checks are required?

And to close, a report of an atrocious assault by a 53 year old mom on her 25 year old daughter — with a used diaper.

And so now you have another week’s ration of human doings … the goings-on that have characterized our species this period. Homo sapiens is reportedly superior to Pan troglodytes (Chimpanzees) but we will leave that for you to decide.



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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2 Responses to Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorreceted)

  1. michael says:

    One thing I don’t hear very much about, If Russia keeps sending a bulk of their military to Ukraine, it could weaken them enough for their new national language to be Chinese.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Good point! Might require backing off the current pushes on the Indian border and in the China Sea, though. And Tibet isn’t fully digested yet. I’d bet the Chinese are drooling over the possibilities, though …

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