Gleanings From The Passing Scene … (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother Saturday, another agglomeration of the flotsam and even, some jetsam of the week’s events and reports. Select and dispose as you will.

The EPA is interested in a report that says some half of ordinary water faucets may host the bacteria that gives you Legionnaires’ disease, a nasty pneumonia that kills people. It has mostly been attributed to air conditioners. We suspect that the EPA doesn’t have enough to do. The study drawing such conclusions was based upon 67 faucets, nationwide. What’s next, Federal faucet inspectors?

Here are the 25 most dangerous cities in the U.S; if you don’t live in one of them, enjoy!

Bees are being restored to legality in Los Angeles.Why not, everything else is already …

An estimated 70% of present jobs may be automated according to studies. You can look at that as almost 2/3’s of today’s workers will be unemployed and be Right, or take the optimistic, Left view: 2/3’s of today’s workers will be supported by the other 1/3rd.

New York Stock Exchange has been experiencing record levels of margin debt.    That’s folks borrowing money to bet on stocks. In 1929, that wiped out the stock market and a bunch of banks that had loaned the money. Watching the rise in such lending shouldn’t worry us; we have been assured that it can’t happen again, right?

Your Congressfolk have taken 1,887 free trips in 2013. They have used these opportunities to plan an increase in fees charged on home heating oil for those who stayed home to enjoy the winter.

A 16 year old girl is charged with felony child porn for posting a ‘selfie’ nude photo of herself on a social internet site; a boy pursuing vengeance upon an ex-girlfriend meanwhile posted a nude photo of her, gaining him an arrest for stalking.   We assume both received passing grades in sex education at school.

Shortages of critical drugs are increasing per reports. This cannot possibly relate to the fact that these same drugs are increasingly government regulated.

New York City plans to issue identity papers to illegal aliens so that they will have an easier time being illegal.

The naked truth: A church holds naked services, a naked woman was seen jumping from a boy’s bedroom window and a naked man entered a Chicago McDonald’s and tussled with customers. We suppose that clothing is becoming more expensive …

Our economic ‘recovery’ is seen differently by pollster Gallup and the Feds: The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently found unemployment a full point less than did Gallup.  We suppose that high unemployment numbers at Gallup don’t lead to folks calling up and demanding that its boss do something about it….

We hear that other countries’ versions of the NSA spy on U.S.newsfolk and others all the time. Somehow, we believe it.

We are told that the $12,000 dress recently worn to a White House social gig by Michelle (Antionette) Obama cost more than the world average family annual income. Her spending extravagance though, worries most of us considerably less than that of her husband.

Some Lord of the Obvious recently predicted that energy prices will rise as a result of the Presidents’s attack on the coal industry.  If nothing else, this helps clarify the President’s desire to extend unemployment insurance

The U.S. Army has let a contract to a private company to data-mine Twitter “For security reasons.” Gee, don’t we spend a bundle for the NSA to do that? And aren’t you glad to know that the Army is now in the spying business?

A little (honest) reprise on the progress of the world’s economic recovery: Here,  and here . Explanations if desired, here and here.. If you read these, you’ll know what your elected politicians are pretending that they don’t.

On the world Press Freedom Index, the U.S. has dropped to 46th place.

Leak alarms have gone off at the Federal governments’ New Mexico underground nuclear waste disposal site. So far, no one who  knows why has been found.

New York City‘s Liberal compassion on display: The police will boot the homeless seeking heat out of the city subways.

An escaping fugitive fled police by diving down a 17 story trash chute. In an obviously unfair world, he was then captured.

A woman called 911 when her husband wanted to hook up with her sister.

New York City again; a place where more black babies are aborted than are born alive.

The body of a dead woman was found in a parked car festooned with parking tickets. (The car was festooned, not the body.)

The UAW is challenging its recently lost VW representation election in Tennessee on the basis of outside influence. Perhaps too many votes from actual workers were counted?

Food prices will be rising with new Federal regulation of organic farmers.

And finally, we hear that the Farmer’s Almanac is more accurate predicting weather than is the Federal Government. We are waiting to hear whether the Almanac will be predicting climate change.

And thus another week s supply of whatever these amount to, now all yours.



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