Ode To Dr. Strangelove As He Moves In Next Door …

Misslethe U.S. was the first nuclear power; it gained the world’s attention by bombing Japan. The bombing did not generate the attention; that came from the ratio: One bomv = one city. After WWII, a handful of developed nations monopolized The Bomb. But, time passes and things change. Now The Bomv is possessed by such failed and uncertain powers as North Korea and Pakistan (That we know of). Along of course, with such probity monuments as India, China and probably, Israel.

The idea of one bomb = one city scares a lot of people into gibbering idiocy, so the general approach to nuclear attainments in the world has been that only a few good guys are allowed to have them, so you can sleep nights in peace. This requires ignoring Russia, China, North Korea and Pakistan but those are a long way off from most of the world’s significant voters in the developed countries. Nor do those voters realize that your everyday delivery missile can, these days, travel numerous thousands of kilometers with ease. Best ignore that, too. Along with the uncomfortable fact that several of these countries now operate submarines that can deliver such missiles anywhere on earth with no one knowing until much too late. Right, sleep tight …

This is now, not the comfortable world of nukes locked up in a few, reliable hands. It is however, the world that however we pretend otherwise, is. So why this present, existential fuss about Iran joining the club? Mostly because Iran has announced, regularly, that it intends to expunge Israel from existence on earth. All the other nuclear powers have realized that what they can do, can also be done to them and have, upon attainment of nukes, also subsided into circumspection. “MAD,” it was called in the early days of Dr. Strangelove. “Mutual Assured Destruction.” And their hasn’t been a nuclear peep in spite of ongoing wars, since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But in those days, the world wasn’t forced to strip for the cops at airports for fear of Islamic murderers, either. Now, we do and those Persians are aggressive Islamic hegemon wanna-be’s from way back in history. They’re on a Mission from God to destroy the Jews and likely all other non-Muslims too. That’s new. Well, sort of; it’s new among nuclear powers, anyway. Makes folks nervous. So everybody’s been leaning on the Persians (called Iranians, these days) to hold that off. And the Persians have just gritted their teeth and gone ahead, paying whatever the price to get what they so obviously want, in classic fanatic behavior. And that has only added to the nervousness.

So, what’s the score now? The Iranians can now make bombs, thought they haven’t made any significant number of them yet. And the only means for stopping them is an invasion. It is now obvious that President Obama has no such intention; he is merely putting as good a face as he can on the arrival of The Bomb in Tehran. That may be very unfortunate (we will see) but the President really has no other choice. He is broke (well, not personally, of course) and cannot pay his current bills, let alone foot a massive invasion and its lengthy aftermath, even if the American voters were supportive, which they’re not at this point. So, che sera’, sera’ as the Italians say: “What will be, will be.”

Japan is undoubtedly whipping up its own bomb somewhere in reaction to a newly bellicose China. Given historical attitudes, something is probably going on in some cellars somewhere in South America, the Balkans and will eventually in Africa. It’s obvious that Saudi Arabia will be buying the Bomb somewhere too, as Iran proceeds. And nobody on earth can stop this perfectly predictable progression of human history.

So as Dr. Strangelove put it for all of us: Learn to stop worrying and love The Bomb. At least, until another one goes off somewhere…

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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7 Responses to Ode To Dr. Strangelove As He Moves In Next Door …

  1. michael says:

    What you said is scary enough, what you point out from history makes it seem more certain. One thing that does not seem to be registering much with the public is the similarities between Obama and Hitler. Gaining more power, (the pen and the phone) getting control of the healthcare system, creating Hitler youth (common core) getting control of the media (listening in on their conversations and now the new “diversity regulation” for the media), where the government will see if any minorities are being left out in the cold by what radio and television are broadcasting, can you say censorship? Obama recently gave himself control of all the resources in the USA, normally only done under marshal law. Food stamps anyone? Hitler did this all, do you think we will have another presidential election? Or will Obama just crown himself king?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hitler was ‘saving’ Germany from financial collapse; Oama arrived slightly early and has already lost his chance at saviorhood, seems to me.But he (with the help of Congress) has certainly set the stage! I suppose that there are any number of hopefuls out there buying white horses to ride in upon when it goes critical….

  2. Pete says:

    …and lest we forget the last lines of that movie…we must be first in the ‘mine shaft’ race! Well a fellow has to have some place to hunker down and wait till its safe to surface again?

  3. NEO says:

    Uh, yeah, it seems a substantive difference between reasonably rational (although misguided) actors, like the USSR, which was plenty strange but not suicidal, and fanatical Islamist Persians doesn’t it. Makes me nervous as well.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, seems to me you’re dead right; it should make us all nervous! Believers in Murphy should be putting their affairs in order, I should think. I may find some good in it: it could perhaps, justify a second glass of wine at dinner …

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