And If You Believed In Obamacare, I Have A Drought In California …

Obama PinocchioWe are now told by His Pinocchioship, our President and his minions, that California’s drought is a result of man-made global warming. As long time residents of the (parched) south of that Golden State, we can join the linked sources in ah, ‘clarifying’ that for you.

It is a simple task. All the Mediterranean climate is in the southern half of the place; all the water, is in the north. Oops! God screwed up, right? Not to worry; Californians are just– or at least, were just western “can co” Americans, right? So they piped water south, first from the Owens Valley to serve Los Angeles and then from the larger north to serve the dry southland. And being technically savvy, they recognized the dry years that fell between the wet years by constructing water storage along the routes. And the population grew, especially in that Mediterranean south, as expected.

But then, the new god of Environmentalism appeared and Democrats, who were taking over the state, signed on. And all the carefully planned water infrastructure went to solace the Delata smelt, a small fish, instead of the San Joaquin Valley farmers for whom, along with cities, it was designed. And thus was drought returned to California, where dry years have always followed wet.

Now our President and his minions are blaming the state’s drought, not upon the diversion of water to salve the environmentalists, but upon the new devil of “global warming”  that cannot be blamed upon their decisions. Yet, anyway. But this dodge is so thin that even the New York Times (!) is wary. We assume that the Times thinks that all those dams and pipes and tunnels are so massive that even California public school grads can’t overlook them. After all, their parents paid for them…. along with the interior valley farmers whose investments are drying up. But the Delta smelt is saved (more of less) and all the farmers ever did was produce food, right?

The problem here has been with us since we first trod this earth: We can’t have everything by wanting it. We can feed Californians or save the little fish with the water plant we built added to what nature provided. We have decided in our political wisdom, to save the fish and let the food production go. But since that won’t buy votes in populous California, we will now lie about it … just as we lied about Obamacare. Why not? It works!



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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5 Responses to And If You Believed In Obamacare, I Have A Drought In California …

  1. michael says:

    note the ugly little fish they are trying to save is not native to california ….

  2. Master of cover ups,promoting the liars,deceivers.Appointing his loyal friend Ambassadors all over the world specially those who donated money for his campaign.IRS,NSA,Ben-Ghazi are honor medal not atrocities and scandals.Health car so called catastrophic affordable .Still the Fanatic Liberal are blind to see the truth.

  3. Jack Curtis says:

    We suppose that our species’ propensity to see what we wish to see rather than what is actually there, is a large part of the troubles we so often find ourselves regretting

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