Figures May Not Lie, But Liars Sure Do Figure!

Obama Snake OilWe note with both relief and regret, that Gallup has been competing with the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The relief is because we have found the BLS product  increasingly unbelievable; the regret is because a believable government has been one of the key differences between America and the corrupt and impoverished third world.

Gallup finds some 2 million fewer working than does the BLS. In other words, compared to the government, Gallup finds that many fewer getting paid to work than the government claims to be the case. That, even with our 300 some million souls, is significant. And if we cannot believe government statistics anymore, that is more than just significant.

We have noted too, a website: “” The site dispenses its own versions of several government statistics, calculated by a gentleman who worked for the BLS. His numbers, as you will note if you visit, differ from those of the government. He is closer to Gallup. The key here we believe, is that while Gallup and Shadowstats,com are paid by willing buyers for their data, the government uses our money with or without our consent, to come up with what it publishes. And while neither Gallup nor Shadowstats has anything to gain by the direction of their data, the government decidedly does.

Who, in plain words, do we best believe: The businessman whose reliability is his stock in trade, or the politician who is trying to buy our votes? (Your call …)

I note for instance, that the media and government claim that we have no significant inflation but somehow, food and gasoline and other necessities are more expensive. The politicians must note it too, otherwise, why are they interested in hiking the minimum wage?

Business suffers when government statistics become politicized vaporware; they lose the real basis for their decisions. So, for that matter, do individuals trying to plan for retirement. Everything is a bigger gamble and life offers fewer rewards. That corruption in a nutshell, is why the third world is so poor compared to Europe and North America.

We know now that our President is a bare-faced liar who will say whatever he believes will further his cause of the moment. There is plenty of evidence that Congressmen are little different, on either side of the aisle. But we have clung to the verity of government statistics; they are needed and we have few other sources.

The mere fact that competitors like Gallup and Shadowstats even exist is a clue. Our leaders want us to accept that “every day, in every way, everything is better and better.” Then, they take more of our remaining money with taxes and fees.

You can decide for yourself; you needn’t accept our view here…just keep tabs on how much money you have left at the end of the month for a while. You may tell us if you disagree in a few months, how wrong we were. …



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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2 Responses to Figures May Not Lie, But Liars Sure Do Figure!

  1. michael says:

    It is a complete lie that Obama never tells the truth! Recently on the capital lawn Obama was caught saying to a French diplomat “I am president, I can do whatever I want” That was the truth in his mind, granted it might have been the first time.

  2. Jack Curtis says:

    Q. How do you know when a politician is lying?
    A. His mouth is moving!

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