The World, It Is A’Changin’ … (Be Careful What You Ask For …)

The paramount civilization of earth has been Western and it is under deconstruction at present. Places like China and India are cherry-picking what they want from it while ignoring the centrality around which it was built: Christianity. Thus it may be argued that others are collecting the effects while Be Careful What You Wish Fordisregarding their causes.

A reinforcement for that argument arises from the observable fact that government is, to varying degrees, failing in most of the world. It cannot provide a civil order in the Middle East and Africa and is faltering economically in the E.U, the U.S. and most of South America. Neither Russia nor China nor Japan are much better. Either the citizens have risen up against dictators as result of a declining economy or the elected governments are bankrupting the economies trying to appease the desires of their citizens, desires aroused by those governments.

The social dissolution is even more obvious; Formerly religious places like Russia now swamp an Olympic athlete, a Russian snowboarder who put his telephone number on his helmet at Sochi, with more naked photos than his cell phone could handle. In the U.S, a 16 year old girl posted nude selfies and is now charged as a criminal child porn source. A Floida teen ex-boyfriend revenged himself by posting nudes of his former girlfriend; those are apparently legal in that state. He has been jailed instead for stalking.

Russia endured the atheistic communists; while the Russian Orthodox Church is alive and only semi-comatose, folks seem unexcited over nudity while the not much more religious U.S. is still sensitive to that archaic taboo. Things proceed in different places, at different rates. But everywhere in the historic West, the old values are disappearing as the young come on stage.

It seems worthy of notice that Islam sputtered and died into squalid and static poverty and dictatorships, suffering from time to time under the terrorism of its own fundamentalists without disturbing the West until Moslem migration to escape poverty and the weakening of Christian values opened Europe to the infiltration of Islamic values. In North America, the same process is diluting the original Western, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant civil and religious ethic into a form of dependent hedonism.

This process seems to be under way in most parts of the world. It is not obvious where it will lead us. But as it does not appear to be a constructive process anywhere that it is going on, the ongoing journey through it seems likely to be an unhappy one for many, as the Middle East presently typifies.

From another view, the Scandinavians are engaged in throwing out their Left wing governments and replacing them with center-right more conservative leaders who are cutting back their versions of the welfare state to something more akin to reality. Their voters evidently approve. They have not resolved their undigested Moslems but have at least addressed their economies. Whether that will be enough in a declining world economy will have to be seen. At least, they are ahead of most.

The world is doing what it has always done, though we do not always notice: It is changing.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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