Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannYour Saturday selection; news nuggets to select and consider, or not.

the NAACP (Black folks pushing black Democrats) instructed its protesters at the Moral March, (protesting among other things, voter registration ID), that they must have a photo ID on hand at all times, while protesting.

A recently ex Federal utility regulator is exciting the media over the shooting up of an unmanned power substation a few weeks ago. Some transformers were damaged but there was no power outage resulting. The ex-Fed is selling “utility terrorism” and his sky is falling, though nothing else has turned up. Meanwhile in Jacksboro, TX, nearly the entire city was without gas for heating in sub-20’s weather because a local gas utility said, “liquid somehow got into the gas supply lines.”No one seems concerned, as far as we can tell.  Could that ‘recently ex Fed regulator’ be selling something? Of course not…

A black teen who jumped out of a car to punch a white college kid in the face, killing him, got 10 years for his “Knockout.” He’ll be out in 5 with good behavior. Meanwhile, a white who punched a black is charged with a hate crime…

California legislators are pursuing a new law requiring a “kill switch” on mobile devices sold in the state. The device would turn off and render unusable any cell phones or tablets reported stolen or lost–the state looking out for the citizens, right? These would also permit the state to shut down the mobile internet in case the state desired that, as for instance, when a bunch of citizens tried to organize a disagreement with said state… That must not be expected though; no one has mentioned the possibility.

In New York, the Governor recently said that ‘pro-life people are unwelcome” in the state; now the Attorney General is legally attacking the largest pro-life pregnancy center.

The Iranian Navy has sent missile ships to America’s maritime borders. That resembles someone sending a couple of scorpions to the edge of an elephant hang-out. But it does lead to wonder about the reality of the allegedly ongoing nuclear-prevention talks…

Women, actual studies have now revealed, prefer manly rather than the metrosexual men prescribed by their feminist leaders, who seem to us often to dislike any type of man one can turn up. Who knew?

Democrats, now that the Congressional Budget Office has spilled the beans about Obamacare-related job loss, are celebrating Americans’ new freedom to work or not, as they please. (No, this is not a fabrication.) The new ‘Party of Less Work’ will have to overcome the rising racket of high speed rotation coming from their grandparents’ graves…

A sign at a Sochi bistro: “We do not serve FBI and COA agents.”

The Taliban announced the capture of a professional war dog. They identified it as American, though apparently it’s a Brit on loan. Guess the Talibs aren’t too hot on accents… In a later release, they claim the pooch is ok and doing well; will he convert to Islam?

The United Nations joined the Democrats in attacking the Catholic Church on birth control, abortion and of course, sex abuse. While Pope Francis opposes all three, the U.N. rather prefers the first two. With the Catholics under the gun, should we expect Israel to be next?

Latest on the recovery: Unemployment is 21% for teens, 38% for black teens and one in four 26 year olds are living with their parents.

The U.S. Postal Service has just followed the IRS, the National Department of Education and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration in a huge purchase of anti-personnel firearm ammunition.

And finally, a Russian Olympic snowboarder (who was eliminated), printed his phone number on his helmet, subsequently receiving so many naked photos that his cell phone gave up. He has not complained of his elimination…

And thus, another week of the likely and unlikely from that most unlikely of all: reality. Or at least, as close as we could get…




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