The GOP On Repealing Obamacare (They’ve Got To Be Kidding!)

Throw the Bums OutIn true GOP fashion, three Republican senators have proposed–gasp–repeal of Obamacare… and immediately apologized by attaching their replacement of the ACA’s main goodies. This replacement proposal is described by Forbes as: “A big tax hike.”

The party of small government and financial rectitude–and lower taxes– only dares to draw a bead upon so fat a target as Obamacare by promising that repeal won’t really be repeal; it will just be an improved version. Why not call it Obamacare II? That would be honest; the man who started this deserves his credit. Stealing his ideas and leaving off his name is cheap; the three GOP senators ought to be liable for infringement of copyright or something. It would be nicely bipartisan, foo; it might draw some Dems.

Apparently the three have not learned from the President’s failure either; these sorts of programs are minefields. They run a really impressive chance at afflicting us with another complex, bureaucratic and overpriced bundle of little joy with this time, the GOP’s name on it. No free lunches, you know. Republicans claim to know that, though they keep signing off on the Presidents’s spending.

Eric Cantor, House Majority boss, has said that Obamacare is on borrowed time. We aren’t sure that his intention is to relabel it and put it right back into action, though. We hope he is smarter than that. But he’s a Republican, so we aren’t sure.

President Bush raised Medicare by adding the drug benefits; President Obama saw him and raised again with Obamacare when neither could be afforded. Nor of course, can the Social Security system nor our world-spanning military affairs, for that matter. And these palookas on both sides of the aisle deal with these realities by trying to outbid each other in vote-buying, using our grandchildren’s money. They’ve already spent our kid’s money…

Come November, how do we vote: “NO!” for Congress?



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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