“Why Me?” (President Obama And The Persians)

Dr Strangelove1Hmnn… Our President, who has just been caught with his arm in the NSA cookie jar up to the elbow and made a speech apologizing-sort of–and saying ‘but now you can trust me’ is negotiating for us with the Iranians re their nuclear ambitions.

He is doing this on behalf of the existing nuclear powers excluding Pakistan and North Korea for some reason. But including Russia and China who to date, seem to support Iran more than they support the other existing nuclear powers. Yeah…

This is going on against a background of Iranians pressing ahead regardless of painful international sanctions and after flipping off international attempts at inspections of their nuclear program. And of course, after repeated promises to remove Israel from the earth.

Our President has agreed to relax the painful sanctions and has reportedly, agreed separately to other things that he has refused to tell us or Israel in what is called a ‘side agreement.’ The Iranians, we are told, have agreed to halt their nuclear weapons program, the one they deny having. They did this before, and played the U.N. inspectors sent to check. Here we go again?

Who are these Iranians? Some 500 years before Christ, they were building the first Persian Empire, conquering much of the Middle East. Since then, they have done it more than once, ruling the Arabs for several hundred years on one occasion. Though Moslem, (by conquest when it was the Arabs’ turn) they are not Arabs and tend to feel superior and entitled to rule. Their version of Shiite Islam is considered heretical by most Arabs, all of whom resent their attitude.

Islam approves deception in its interests and the Persians had refined it to an art in diplomacy long before Islam. So Arabs and Israelis see the folk who have bee attacking them over thousands of years, threatening them again. Folk whose words have never been reliable in diplomacy.

Thus, as an Arab or an Israeli looks at the record, the Iranians have been ambitious deceivers in ancient and modern history; they cannot understand President Obama’s desire to believe their promises, so often proven worthless. Some members of Congress, wising to tighten the anti-Iranian sanctions, feel similarly, including some Democrats. The President says: ‘Trust me; give peace a chance.’  And keeps mum whatever’s in that side agreement.

This is a very sticky wicket in our nuclear world. Iran has demonstrated that it will do whatever it takes to get nukes. It’s already too late with Pakistan and North Korea. More, in the nature of reality, are coming; nobody can stop it anymore. So the U.S. President can put a good face on allowing Iran its nukes, dragging his feet as possible, or attack Iran to delay, not prevent, the event. Leaving the way open to someone else no more prepossessing. What we used to call a “Hobson’s Choice.” Israel, if concerned enough, can attack Iran as it has done before under such circumstances. But the political atmosphere has changed since that last time, both in Israel and in the rest of the world. Many in both places will oppose such a preemption, which may fail in any case since Iran has dispersed and hardened its facilities.

President Obama, with already fading approval rates, seems to be playing a losing hand regardless of how he plays it. He is probably asking himself the age old question: “Why Me?” To which we can offer only the equally age old, very Jewish response: “Why not Me?”




About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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10 Responses to “Why Me?” (President Obama And The Persians)

  1. James Teague says:

    Will reasonable moderates control the nukes once Iran has them as they will soon? No one knows. Israel could only stop them now with nuclear strikes and no one I can see is willing to accept that. It is too late for conventional weapons to be anything other than pinpricks.

    So….. next up Saudi Arabia will have their Pakistani special delivery delivered. its already paid for. Israel will bite their lips, and tell Hillary we told you guys. I say Hillary as Barack will be gone and there is no stopping Hillary. What Republican is there of any similar stature? Iraq and Syria are too involved in eradicating themselves, but if the radicals win, they will try to get chemical, nuclear, big stuff and Saudi Arabia will be the first point of attack even though they are the biggest financial backers of the Sunni rebels. The anti-Saud cells are deeply established and waiting.

    Then we’ll all wait until someone gets too anxious……..Are you digging yet?

  2. michael says:

    Obama reminds me of motor oil, when you first get it you can believe that it is clean and clear, but as soon as you apply a little heat it turns jet black and anything you hope to see thought it is completely obscured.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      The President says his ratings slump reflects his skin color… but maybe it reflects more people seeing through him…

      • michael says:

        This just of of the White house (quietly) 65 percent of African American Males have left the work force, the remaining 35 percent are currently subject to about 16 percent unemployment. This works out the be the worst off they have been since 1970. Obama has officially joined the war on women, he pays women on his staff an average of 8,000 a year less then their male counterparts.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Well, the government has been helping the women… just as it’s been helping the blacks. Around 1900, ‘Chink’ and Nigger’ were social equivalents. And the poor Asians have been left on their own all this time the blacks have been receiving the help. Hmnn…

  3. James Teague says:

    The Iranians have “unplugged” their centrifuges as the inspectors have arrived. This shows their good faith efforts to deserve the removal of all sanctions. As an example, when I unplug my coffee maker, it shows that I will never again make coffee with that coffee maker (I only have one on the countertop so you know I don’t have any others out in the bunkers). I am so relieved now that the iranians are bowing to world pressure and will never join the nuclear weapons club. Aren’t you?

    In regards to the secret side parts of the agreement, it is only secret to the western world. Observers are now getting all of their information on what its about from the Republican Guards who leak a little here and there.


    • Jack Curtis says:

      I’m sure the Iranians are as honest as our President… and we’re looking at a very frightening world, heading into financial collapse and nuclear proliferation in the midst of social dissolution. What could possibly go wrong???

  4. James Teague says:

    Not to worry, the money is rolling in as I write for Hillary “what difference does it make?” Clinton. She’ll fix it all with phone calls in the early mornings. Not the “AntiChrist” I pictured, but who knows after another 8 years?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Hmnn… Hillary’s present position reminds of an old muse referring to Papal elections in Rome: “He who goes into the consistory as papabiile (a likely candidate) comes out a Cardinal…”

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