Some Thoughts About The NSA And Its Spying…

Spy vs SpyReports seem to tell us that the National Security Agency (NSA), America’s electronic communications spy agency, basically gathers up, stores and processes much if not all the electronic message traffic in the world and invades and eavesdrops on computers around the world too. We don’t know that it is watching this being written, but that seems supposedly, the way to bet.

Edward Snowden outed this industrialized, electronic Peeping Tom and is now forced to live in Russian while America’s spies would love to kill him. President Obama has informed us that he is curtailing the more egregious activities while the White House claims that he didn’t know of the worst of the recent revelations. He likely doesn’t know his wife’s clothing sizes or correct age, either. Wise man…

The President’s rather general remarks put him firmly in favor of good and against evil, but commit him to nothing in particular. But he has to placate the media and us somehow, and then those foreign leaders reacting against his NSA’s reading their mail. All without, of course, reducing the efficacy of the NSA’s spying.

While the media are enjoying their fuss, let’s consider this in a boring, factual fashion. Two facts leap at us right away: The U.S. Constitution clearly forbids most of this, which is why telephone taps and such have long required court orders to permit necessary exceptions. The NSA is subject to a ‘secret court’ of a few judges who privately authorize or deny its activities with nobody else knowing. That’s assigning a big GM shareholder to monitor GM’s honesty in advertising.

Nobody wants his mail read by the Postal Service, and it mostly doesn’t, without a court order…But it does image and store at least the front of a lot of envelopes. And few want their electronic communications and computers monitored, least of all by the government. But the first little-discussed question is, how do you stop it? Say you legislate; that coulld if not stop, at least put a crimp in government but what of all the others with an interest in that? Including lots of other governments…

German and French leaders have been complaining loudly about Obama’s NSA peering over their shoulders but those and other countries do the same thing. They have their own versions of NSA and they are definitely no holier than thou or the Prez. And we know that big retailers spend a lot on monitoring their customers. It’s just so cheap and easy to do now.

It seems to us that’s the bottom line. We heartily disapprove of eavesdroppers but we now live in a building wherein the doors have all been removed by technology. That puts everybody on the honor system, like that or not. And when big bucks and human lives are involved, you know what kind of security that provides. And the hypocrites in our media and governments know it too.

So it seems to us most likely that our and other leaders will speak sternly about restraining this NSA outrage until the media finds something else to rail about, after which everything will go on, perhaps better camouflaged, as before. Our technological progress gives us much with much more to come, but it isn’t free… And before all is said and done, Edward Snowden may pay more than the rest of us. No good deed goes unpunished..

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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12 Responses to Some Thoughts About The NSA And Its Spying…

  1. michael says:

    Edward Snowden for president!

  2. Michael says:

    Obama “I am good at killing”, even if Obama does kill Edward Snowden, a dead Snowden would make a better president than Obama …

    • Jack Curtis says:

      An more honest onet, certainly…

      • RobM says:

        This doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s not a “Hitler” using Goebbels to fool everyone. At least my opinion is that its many connected worlds and puppetmasters pulling the strings.
        The world’s affairs are not being managed well.

        Here’s an interesting article from long long ago:
        –ignore the “how to block Akamai” parts. What the author is conveying is the important part as well as the date this was published.

        intro on (1)
        intro in section (2)
        and the bit on (5) is interesting.

        Snowden gave the cascade waterfall of when corporations joined prism. Microsoft 2006, then CDN (content delivery networks) later… One of the first ‘CDN’ would have been Akamai.
        You download your software from a CDN, not the software companies website. They distribute it for the software company with their worldwide infrastructure. The software company trusts them not to alter it, or give a certain “enemy” customized versions of it…

        If you read between the lines, this guy said what Snowden said well before the “revelations”, and its a lot bigger than Snowden let on. The problem is he can only motivate it, without concrete proof that Snowden gave. William Binney is the other guy who exposed this long before Snowden. In fact he is the one who wrote their datamining tools algorithms.

        You spoke of a secret watchlist and a secret ‘court’ …..but no secret police?

      • robm0001 says:

        What I meant by the need for security:
        There are plenty of other videos on Apple, Facebook and Google trying to “win at all costs”.
        While there are not enough laws protecting us from these corporations, “anything goes” in the name of safety these days. Sadly its the opposite: our rights are being stripped. I as a South African, bank with a South African bank. This bank hands all data over to USA, Mastercard or VISA under the Patriot Act (of the USA) – in the name of safety.

        I suppose there are reasons for spying as well. The petrodollar and peak oil. The environment is systematically destroyed. Energy and resources may have to be secured beyond a countries borders.

      • Jack Curtis says:

        In these sorts of situations, it seems safest to assume:
        If mail can be read, someone is reading it, and
        No government will ever cease pursuit of control of any significant means for communication.

  3. michael says:

    I love Paul’s comment to Obama’s speech, “you can keep your doctor and your freedom if you like it.”

  4. RobM says:

    It’s about global dominance, and I believe security is necessary. Unfortunately it’s abused on an unacceptable level.

    Yes there are those who say, “I’m not doing anything wrong so I’m ok with it.”, followed by an accusation ,”you must have something to hide if it worries you”.

    Snowden is a good man, while some will call him a traitor. Putting that aside, something to think about (which relates to the point above):
    (i) he got loads of confidential documents and proof of abuse and pulls a wikileaks. Think about that: He was honest and put his life of the line for constitutional values and democratic society. Someone less honest and more self serving would not put their life on the line, would not get caught and would be getting away with murder. If Snowden dropped 1-10% of what’s going on into the public domain, it could have been done 100 times over by less moral and more cunning contractors.

    And you have some serious religious extremes and corrupt rising to the top.
    Funny how Islam suddenly got on the psyop radar and is the enemy of mankind. Now it’s Christianity which is a problem, as are gunowners (2nd amend), preppers, anti-nuclear, anti-abortion, anti-fossil madness, anti-deforestation etc. Even homelessness is a criminal act, and now they are not allowed to own possessions either or sleep in their car.

    *BUT NOT* secret societies, not Satanists, not corrupt self serving corporations, not renegade government mkultra/tuskgee syphilis experiments, not police militarization or license to kill actions, cointelpro abuse or bankers who risk an economic collapse.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      I don’t know Snowden’s motives but I’m grateful for his deeds. We need more such. It will be difficult to lay out the scene any better than you have done here …
      I wonder it the economic collapse hasn’t already happened, and is only temporarily papered over by Fed, ECB and BOJ funny money and credit …

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