An American Rubicon?

Caesar's Rubicpn Was A River...

Caesar’s Rubicpn Was A River…

American federal government has proceeded from powerlessness imposed by poverty to world-girdling power from an magically ever-filled purse in a couple of hundred years. That’s at least superficially, success. But nothing in our universe is free and such progress carries costs. Roman success began to display its costs when the Roman Republic morphed into an Empire; perhaps America’s Rubicon will someday, be identified as the public’s acceptance of Congressional imposition of Obamacare.

So far as we can tell, Obamacare is the first time the Federal government has ordered all the citizens to do as they are told, whether they wish it or not, on pain of punishment, without alternatives. And the government’s timing is good; the citizens are accepting it. The Democrats own it; the Republicans complain but in action, support it too. Americans have now yielded up control of the care of their own health and of course, that of their children. Other once personal choices are in line to follow: Diet, housing, transport and especially, education as those watching ‘Common Core’ must know.

The Founders impoverished the Federal government intentionally, to keep it weak, protecting the personal freedom of citizens. The government and its clients have worked  since to overcome those limitations. The first step, in 1803 was the unilateral assumption of power over the Constitution, by the Supreme Court when it awarded itself the power to interpret it. The next really big step came in 1913, when the States lost their control of the Senate and the creation of the Federal Reserve created that magic purse; the government no longer had to go to the citizens to finance its programs and adventures. And the citizens haven’t really noticed.

Nor have they noticed the obvious difference today between two racial groups in America, though it is accorded a race-conscious place. American railroads were built by the lowest, cheapest form of human labor, people at the bottom of the social strata. Freed slaves worked on the railroads but the masses of imported Chinese “coolie” labor were a large part of it. They were low paid,, segregated and generally socially despised contract, not immigrant, labor. Masses of them were deported and legislation passed to keep them out. Those who remained lived in ghettos called: “Chinatowns.” But regardless, those freed slaves and those Asians who started out together at the bottom of the economy, aren’t o similar now. Ironically, the ones who received enormous government help and attention are still at the bottom; those the government first rejected and then ignored, are on top. Irony…

Now, the American government is moving to control the entire society as it has heretofore, controlled its socio-political clients, personified by the freed slaves. Even more ironic is the fact that the present relationship between blacks and government has been built by the same political party that built the Jim Crow South and operated the Ku Klux Klan. The freed slaves feared and hated them for holding them down in society; today, the descendants of those freed slaves vote slavishly for the same political party that is now holding them down with government/client relationships. The irony is endless.

And more ironic still, the larger society, seeing this, is blind to the same process increasingly binding all into chains of government regulation of their daily lives. We seem a rather peculiar species…

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to An American Rubicon?

  1. james teague says:

    The plantation masters are still controlling the slaves by saying “Oh you poor helpless person, let me give you a cell phone, housing, food and a boost into a college even though you aren’t prepared for it, because that makes us white folk feel so good about ourselves. After all , we know you couldn’t make it without us.”

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