The Ninth Beatitude: Political Prophecy In An Age Of Ignorance…

Red InkIt was said that two trains headed towards one another on the same track, one whose engineer was Norwegian and the other whose engineer was drunk, were safe because “Norse is Norse and Souse is Souse and never the twain shall meet.” It is also said that the Republican base must compromise with the party leaders’ allegedly ‘moderate’ views to provide for GOP success. In reality, two such trains would be doomed; so too the GOP whether or not it relies upon the advice.

We note that no one on the Left is advising their base to moderate their extremist views, though it is the Progressive Left that has demanded massive change since about 1835 or so. The Republican base is the conservatives by definition, Constitutionalists opposed to change, so how does that make them suddenly into irrational extremists? Hun. It isn’t the Teafolk pushing gay marriage, convenience abortion, Iranian nukes and failing government healthcare whether you want it or not. But somehow, the folks behind all that are now moderates and those dragging their feet over it are the extremists. Sure. And as George Orwell predicted, Love is Hate, War is Peace, etc.

America now has but one existential problem: It is subjected to a two-faced, but single ideology political system that has just agreed, in fine, ‘bipartisan’ fashion, to spend $1.1 trillion in the new year when all concerned know perfectly well that there is nowhere near that much money available. Fat, dumb and not even particularly happy American taxpayers appear to believe that someone else will pay the difference, rather than appreciating that they are either mortgaging their children’s economic future–if they’re luck hold up–or are about to watch their own wealth melt away in a general economic collapse if they are not so lucky. What is so particularly frustrating is knowing that they are taking the rest of us with them, willing or not, a coming replay of the Obamacare mandate.

There is in the popular American social scripture a suitable observation, stored somewhere near Murphy’s Law. It is classified as the Ninth Beatitude and it is stated: “Blessed is he who expecteth the worst, for he shall not be disappointed.”



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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5 Responses to The Ninth Beatitude: Political Prophecy In An Age Of Ignorance…

  1. NEO says:

    The collapse becomes more likely every day.

    And I intend to steal “Norse is Norse and Souse is Souse and never the twain shall meet.”

    Ole and Lena like i a lot 🙂

  2. James Teague says:

    Started your “Victory garden” if global warming allows in your region? Obtained water and water treatment (reverse osmosis pump). Buildng canned goods supply (beans, tuna). Rice bags. Thats what I’ve heard so far.
    Try not to get a mark on your forehead or hand.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      We don’t see things quite so bad as all that, though we can’t rule it out. But some self-sufficiency can’t hurt and banks aren’t looking like places to store wealth… nor wealth all stored in dollar-dependent assets. seems to us. But we know nothing…

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