Cime November: A Matter Of Choice… What’s Yours?

Or Will We???

Or Will We???

Republican wanna-be Chris Christie, unless you are deaf, blind and comatose, is under fire for closing the bridge from New Jersey into Manhattan, allegedly over a snit with New York City’s Mayor.

The Governor has fired his top staff honcho who has been proven involved via emails while denying any knowledge. Denying all knowledge of whatever is going on, makes him more presidential these days, as Jay Leno pointed out.

So we have a choice: we can believe that the Governor has no clue about things in his office such as shutting off traffic to Manhattan or we may choose to believe that the Governor is just another lying politician. Your choice. Either way, he’s no one we would choose to preside over our nations’ nukes, but that’s our view and you’re entitled to yours.

Fox News is gleefully adding up the reporting of this and comparing it to the attention given so far to the IRS-Tea Party scandal, or Benghazi; the conclusion is that Christie is getting much more attention, over a comparatively minor debacle. No surprise… And it distracts from the problems of Obamacare.

The real question is, should we want Barack Obama to preside over our nukes? Too late, he already does that, right? So the next question is, do we want Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton instead? And the real, humdinger, $64,000 question: Will the GOP put up a better choice?

They tell us that the House, which these days is the GOP, is about to pass an omnibus spending bill to fund the recently approved, National Debt building budget. The result is expected to proliferate the unsustainable deficit and to stagger with its load of ‘earmark’ or if you prefer, pork. And it will take no notice of the fact that the money to fund it, does not exist. The Democratic Senate is expected to go along. And the President complains of a lack of bipartisanship!

And so our tag line for tonight: Are any of these the folks we want representing us?


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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2 Responses to Cime November: A Matter Of Choice… What’s Yours?

  1. Pete says:

    The question I would ask is who do we want to represent us? And even if we did have some’one’ what could that one person do against the congress and the senate machines? Or try this one, do you really think the millions of Americans who complain at the way there lives are going are even going to vote !!!!

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