Has America Become A Two-Faced, Single Party State?

Which for Thee? A Dem Tweedle Dum or the GOP Tweedle Dee?

Which for Thee? A Dem Tweedle Dum or the GOP Tweedle Dee?

The claims to democracy by Communists were a hard sell in their one-party states; does a two-party state make all the difference? That, as the tiger said of his tail, depends.

A political party should, per theory, represent the desires of a significant segment of the population. And one supposes, it should have a monopoly of that segment, so long as it does indeed represent it. Thus America’s historic two-party system, now of Democrats and Republicans. But do those two represent the American public today?

America is culturally and politically split. Traditionalists, located mostly between the coasts and in the Old South, represent religious, pro-family, anti-abortion, pro-gun ownership and vaguely anti-government, individualistic sorts of people while the coasts are full of pro-abortion, anti-religious government clients, to put the matter crudely. But the existing political parties don’t seem to represent this. Both Democrats and Republicans seem to represent in varying degrees, the same side of the split, if one disregards the lip service.

That would explain the mutual disdain both parties share toward the traditionalist Tea Party people. They are exponents of those ‘obsolete’ values and they revere the equally obsolete Constitution and neither party shows much regard for any of that in actual practice, whatever they preach on a given Sunday. So the question follows: Is the United States still democratic? Or has it become, as the Communists, a travesty of democracy, a nominally two party but effectively single party state?

You are invited to suggest any major policy difference between the GOP and the Dems today. Admittedly, they have some different friends when in power but we suggest that you will have difficulty identifying much difference in policy. If that is so, America is as much a functional one-party state as China. And few consider China a democratic place.

If America’s rulers consider this country a democratic place, why are they stocking up millions of rounds of anti-personnel ammunition, setting up prison camps, militarizing the police, enhancing comprehensive spying on the population and why have they authorized the military to, in ’emergencies,’ secretly arrest and imprison citizens without due process?

A reasonable conclusion seems to be that America is now a single-party, quasi-police state with two faces but little difference. If that is too extreme a read of the facts, the missing details that explain why it is unreasonable ought to be added to the discussion; kindly feel encouraged to do that. The subject seems deserving of some thought…


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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2 Responses to Has America Become A Two-Faced, Single Party State?

  1. Hello, your post reminds me of the scenario in the book, ‘1984’. There’s an Inner Party & an Outer Party to their English Socialism a.k.a. ‘IngSoc’. My thought would be, which one of the American political parties is the ‘Inner Party’?

  2. Jack Curtis says:

    Maybe that is defined by the commonalities in their respective lists of donors… Those seem to overlap more than they once did.

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