Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother week has escaped us, with its follies and foibles; some are here for your pleasure:

This weekend is the end of Federal long-term additions to state’s unemployment benefits for some 1.3 M people who have been without work for more than the average six months state unemployment benefits. The Feds added 47 more weeks to that after the 2008 recession. Now, it’s over. Whom do you support: The Prez, who wants to extend more support to those who aren’t working, or the folks who ask where the Prez expects to find the extra money when we’re already in deficit?

The U.N. has announced its first personnel cut since its birth in 1945. It is reducing staff by (the horror!) some 2%. The (By far) largest contributor to its financing is the hapless U.S. (Which somehow, can’t seem to do likewise.)

New York City homeless shelters are setting records; the city’s shelters have not seen such numbers since the Great Depression as those it is seeing in the present ‘recovery.’

Shopicide was committed by a man at the mall with his lady; she insisted on more shopping, so he jumped from the railing to his death… We believe that we know how he felt…

Per the Congressional Budget Office: The top 60% of earners paid 100% of income taxes. The bottom 40% received an average of $19,000 from the government.

The electricity price index has hit an all-time high. Hmnn…when this country was getting rich, wasn’t the government pushing a cheap energy policy?

A woman beat a man, then stabbed him with a ceramic squirrel for returning home without beer.

A Professor admitted faking an AIDS vaccine to collect a $19 M Federal grant. Scientists just aren’t what they used to be, before they were mostly government workers…

Female Marines don’t have to meet the physical requirements that the men do. Guess it isn’t only scientists that have deteriorated…

California has been releasing convicts early to relieve overcrowded jails; we reported earlier on the following increase in property crimes. Now we hear that the GPS anklets used to track those confined at home instead of in a jail, are some 25% defective.  at least in Los Angeles County. Apparently, it isn’t only websites that the government can’t get right.

Our ‘knockout‘ item tonight: The very first Federal prosecution for this…of a white man, for committing a hate crime. Well, we know it’s only news when man bites dog…

This weeks’ helping of our future via present teen violence: Some 600 brawled and trashed a movie paring lot in Jacksonville, a flash mob looted, trashed and played ‘knockout’ in a Brooklyn a mall, a Brockton, MA teen injured his brother and pulled a knife on his dad because he didn’t receive the Christmas gift he wanted,  another teen decapitated his aunt’s boyfriend as a Christmas present and a couple of teen girls beat and robbed a 62 year old man at a Minneapolis Starbucks. Guess we can’t say: “Boys will be boys” anymore…

Obamacare  (The gift that keeps on giving) will be charging Federal taxes on health insurance premiums paid in 2014. Blue Cross is showing these on its billings but most insurers are just lumping them into their totals billed. Just so you know…

In Washington, D.C. (Where else?) a wild deer somehow found its way into the cheetah enclosure. If you are a deer, that is not a good place to be… as the story linked reports. Like, maybe, a Republican turning up in the White House…

And so, another weeks’ helping of realities for your evaluation, edification and maybe, enjoyment.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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    Dear Jack – I don’t know if you accept awards, but this:
    is just my way of saying thanks to you for a great blog xx Jess

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