Is President Obama Learning To Love The Bomb?

Learn To Stop Worrying And Love Me!

Learn To Stop Worrying And Love Me!

What’s a poor President to do? The Iranians are claiming that he’s lying to America about their new deal. Being called a liar by an Iranian diplomat resembles being called bloodthirsty by a vampire but we have to admit he knows his subject. But Obama is in an impossible position. He has had to learn on the job, having had no experience or education for the American presidency.

He is faced with a Hobson’s choice: If he lets Iran proceed with its nuclear weapons development, he will own the results. The only way to stop that, is to attack Iran and either demolish or occupy it. Two losing hands, seems to us. So our Prez can’t win. He doesn’t want his name on an Iranian nuclear weapon and his country can’t finance a war with Iran. What to do?

Give up gracefully, which seems to be his current choice, or hang tough and keep Iran’s development program as slow as possible as both Israel and the Arabs prefer? Perhaps the difference between these choices has shrunken to insignificance by now. And what if Iran isn’t the only place working on this? We already have two unlikely ones in Pakistan and North Korea. Can Japan afford to sit next to nuclear China unarmed itself? And how can our Prez deny Iran and allow a Japan or Australia? Seems to us, the end of limits on who gets the bomb has arrived and we’re going to be living in a scarier world no matter what any political hot shot does anymore.

Maybe that’s what the President sees and he’s just putting a good face on it. We don’t think he’s handled things too well so far, but we can almost feel sorry for him on this one.


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5 Responses to Is President Obama Learning To Love The Bomb?

  1. James Teague says:

    Israel delayed this for a few years with their first reactor attack. Then Stuxnet and some scientist assassinations. Sanctions slowed but did not stop the Iranian march to bombs because militarists will ignore the needs of the civilian population to get what they want (see North Korea).

    The new approach is diplomacy versus a war that so many showed they were tired of in the threat to Syria. This is a much larger threat and covers a much more strategic area for Western nations.

    So Iran will get the bomb, which they would be insane to actually use on anyone. Valerie Jarett will insure that President Obama does nothing to stop this march. Saudi Arabia already has theirs purchased from Pakistan, waiting orders to ship to them. Israel and Saudi Arabia may be working together to enable another Israeli strike. Time will tell. Armageddon appears to be just around the corner.

    • Jack Curtis says:

      A thoughtful and thorough analysis. The Saudi purchase is news I hadn’t heard but it fits the scene. As for sanity, nasty dictators with nukes don’t scare me so much as do folk on a Mission from God… After nuking Israel, Khameni could stand up claiming to be the 12th Imam…

  2. NEO says:

    Horns, Dilemma, some assembly required.

    I could feel sorry for him but he’s a volunteer, and it’s our and our friends’ lives he’s betting, so he gets no sympathy. His life would have been far easier if he hadn’t wasted trillions of dollars on foolishness, like a teenager on welfare. He’s made a hell of a mess, and it’s likely to cost much blood and treasure to try and clean it up, if it’s even possible. The keystone to whole thing is that a lot of Americans are more willing to believe the Iranians than our own Administration

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Perhaps Obama is more a result than a cause. I see him as Bush’s successor in many ways. We have changed our whole society and outlook; so we get a new sort of leader along with that. If we are displeased with the new leader, maybe we need to look to the social changes we have mde that have brought him. It seems unlikely to me that 1950 voters would have elected an Obama type even were he 100% rather than 75% caucasion. Now, he’s a shoo-in. We’re channeling Sodom and Rome… (Stop the world! I want to get off!)

      • NEO says:

        I agree with you, Jack. He is what he is and didn’t disguise it very well, if at all, especially by 2012. But he still volunteered, and our very foolish electorate voted for him. Maybe in the next couple of years they’ll learn, maybe not, but either way, it’s going to hurt-a lot.

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