The Studied Invisibility Of (Censored) Racism…

White Girls Bleed A LotWe realize that the Left wishes to equate any disagreement about their program with racism on the basis that, because our President is 1/4 black, disagreeing with him must be a reaction to his skin. We know this because Oprah Winfrey has just said it. She is a Left-ish black lady both exceptionally attractive (except when fat) and exceptionally rich, from her career in ‘racist’ America. She is, in America, entitled to her opinion, as well as her money.

While we respect her accomplishments (a tad enviously, perhaps) and her beauty, we are not required to respect her opinion, and we do not. She would foreclose any disagreement with a (partially) black President, no matter how wrong he might be. That is dishonest, since she indulges her right to disagree with other (non-black) presidents. She can’t have it both ways at once.

Our current President for all we know, was a poor student who may have been born elsewhere. He is a defrocked lawyer (as is his wife) with no significant experience in a responsible position, who has in office, displayed no leadership skills, no competence but in reading from teleprompters and little concern for the country’s problems. But somehow, he is entitled to all that because he is 1/4 black. Yeah.

But it’s worse than that; the Prez is but one man. We face a multiplication of that problem in the thousands of black teens on our streets as a result of the government-sponsored decline of the black family structure via welfare and abortion policies. These are the thuggish, uneducated and very racist black teens playing such games as ‘Knockout the Jew‘ in our cities.

It’s not just antisemitism; the same ‘game’ is played in most cities with significant black populations, not always against Jews but almost always against whites. And the American media work hard not to notice, though they are instantly howling after a lone George Zimmerman. Eminent columnist Thomas Sowell, a black man, recently pointed to this and to the fact that is is swept under the public rug.

But as Mr. Sowell states, it goes beyond teen misbehavior. Government policy, American education and political rhetoric are turning out a generation of young black thugs without any stake in America as we have known it, aggrieved thugs with nothing to contribute to their society and a strong sense of entitlement, coupled with a resentment of whites as the cause of their grievances. Mr. Sowell calls it an incipient race war. He refers to: “White Girls Bleed A Lot,” a book documenting the subject.

Bill O’Reilly, the rather populist Fox News commentator, is the only major public figure that Mr. Sowell notes, has paid any public attention to this. Thomas Sowell is no populist; he is an economist and a sober reporter of facts with a strong respect for reality. He is worried about the festering racist infection among black youth and even more, by the deliberate blindness of those responsible for telling us what is happening. He fears the price of these conditions, a price that will be paid by American society if it is allowed to develop in the directions it is presently headed. The two gentlemen are presently, alone, courageous in the face of Leftish pieties…and quite correct.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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