Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannAnother week, another selection from passing events for you to evaluate and interpret as you will. The America reflected, is yours…

A man reportedly feuding with his neighbor, was arrested after repeatedly firing a Civil War cannon at his neighbor’s house. He was firing blanks but his neighbor, for some reason, objected. Hmnn… Best be careful when your real estate agent shows you a home next to a neighbor who keeps old cannon around?

Be wary of groups of teen males; the ‘knockout’ game may be spreading… (Remember when most teens were well behaved, at least in public?)

The White House said that our government will collect $3 Trillion in 2014 taxes… That’s $29,673 for every full time worker in America.

The Environmental folks have outlawed installation of new fireplugs in cities because apparently, there is some lead in at least, some of them. No advance warning was given so cities have lots of them in stock, at some $2,000 apiece. What do you do with a few thousand perfectly good but unusable fireplugs? And what happens to the millions already in place?

Daycare now costs more than rent in all states. Used to be cheaper, back when they called it baby-sitting… Before they started applying minimum wage laws.

Personal data of thousands of Americans has been shared with the CIA and the IRS… All those folks who used to claim: “I have no secrets!” apparently knew what they were talking about.

A New York City grocer needs facial surgery…he objected to 4 skateboarders stealing sodas from his cold case, so they naturally beat him with their skateboards…

3 kids were shot after school in Pittsburgh. Well, the shootesr waited until they had left the school building…

The green gasoline (with added corn-based ethanol per Federal law) is apparently proving an ecological disaster. Wanna bet on when the government will notice?

Another California city bankruptcy over wages and pensions. Betcha we ain’t seen nuttin yet…

New York City again, a teen at a Manhattan ice rink must have been cold… he asked another patron for his coat and when he was refused, shot him and another. The rinks’ patrons really got a bang out of their skating that night!

The Secretary of Health and Human Services supports Obamacare… But it’s not what you think. This time, we’re talking about the HHS Secretary under George Bush.

Solar power farms are killing thousands of migrating birds, by burning their wings. (Where is Rachel Carson, when we need her? Or even the SPCA?)

It seems that psychopaths are drawn more to some professions than to others. If you would like to confirm your suspicions, click: here.

Thus ends this weeks’ helping of what passes these days for reality. But it’s hard to complain about what we’ve made for ourselves…



About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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