What Did The President Do Today To Fix Obamcare?

Three WitchesThe short answer: Nothing! He has followed his original deception about keeping existing insurance with a new deception aimed at transferring blame to the insurers. In the name of helping those he lied to before, he is lying to them again.

He announced that they could keep their original, cancelled policies for another year. But that is not what the Obamacare law says and he cannot change the law; he can only back off enforcing it. The insurers have to follow the law, not the President’s enforcement rules. And if they wished to ignore the (unchanged) law, the magnitude of reversing course in a matter of days is asking an running elephant to stop on a dime. It can”t happen.

So the insurers won’t restore the status quo ante because both legally and practically, they can’t. And the President will blame them for refusing to use his marvelous solution for the problem he has created. That takes him off the hook…if you believe it. No doubt, many younger voters will believe; their understanding of American government comes from public schools.

Meanwhile, Obamacare lurches on, still struggling to be born. Whatever the government finally delivers, will be an abortion; the program cannot function even when the website is working since, in spite of a trillion dollars in new taxes, its financing is insufficient.

Back at the White House, the legal authority of the President ot make these changes is more imaginary than real; one more reason for the insurers to ignore his grandstanding.

We wiill have to see how many fall for this bait-and-switch scam by our Scammer-in-Chief. But we can plan on the existing mess  to reflect it quickly. From somewhere, the chant of Shakesp[eare’s witches comes faintly: “Double, double, toil and trouble…” It seems now to affect whatever the President touches. Perhaps like MacBeth, he’s been cursed?


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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6 Responses to What Did The President Do Today To Fix Obamcare?

  1. Agreed, Jack. When I watched the Press Conference today, that was my first thought…
    Okay, actually that was my SECOND thought. My FIRST thought was, “Oh, good grief, this guy sounds like an idiot…”.

    But he’s attempting to muddy the waters, and you’re right: the insurance companies simply can’t do what he is now asking them to do. And after being thrown totally under the bus, they don’t have any incentive to even try.
    At this point, Obama needs their help, more than they need his.

    Prepare for a blizzard of spin…

  2. The path of deception is very short.l don’t know, nobody told me .He who denies every scandal will fall in the ditch which he intended for the others.Jalal

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