Gleanings From The Passing Scene (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannCarefully selected, random tidbits of news; significant events and titillating transients from the passing potpourri, spread for your amusement, amazement or ennui as may be. Enjoy!

A floating island (larger than Britain) of trash is crossing the Pacific from Japan’s devastated Fukushima tsunami site toward the U.S. Pacific coast, just now passing Hawaii. It includes, besides the usual flotsam and jetsam, entire houses, cars, boas and business buildings. One observer noted a floating basketball amidst the wreckage. Early arrivals have already turned up along the coasts of Washington and Oregon. Beachcombing may become a whole new source of job creation…

Chicago is the site of what may be another new industry; a half dozen black-looking but carefully undescribed folk walked into three sporting goods stores and ran out with armloads and entire racks full of expensive clothing. The New Entrepreneurship on display…Betcha this one will spread!

U.S. home ownership is, as our ‘recovery’ proceeds, at an 18 year low while rents have reached record highs. We recall Ronald Reagan’s’ telling question: “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” Our own question is: Are you waiting for the government to improve your life?

The President’s Department of Homeland Security is hiring, for unspecified purposes, security operatives with top secret clearances required. Information seems hard to come by; is this America’s first ‘secret police?’ Dunno, what do you think?

In Oakland, a sleeping man on a city bus was set afire. 3 attackers in a Philadelphia home invasion tied up a 54 year old man, beat and tied up an electrician working in the home and tied and tortured a 28 year old mother in front of her 2 kids, burning her face with a heated knife in a search for money. 4 thieves at a Newport Beach marijuana dispensary in California cut off the owner’s penis. And still, things could be worse: In the U.K, a dog was stolen and gang raped while her owner was shopping inside a market. Western civilization remains Western, I guess…but the civilized part?

Global Warming and Environment Bulletin: Record snowfalls have just hit Washington and south Dakota, the current period is the quietest two years for tornadoes in ages and somebody has estimated that our electricity-generating windmills killed some 600,000 bats in 2012. Oh,my!

A new stock market crash is now anticipated by real financial writers as well as by your insignificant correspondent. And no papering over this time with Fed funny money, either. While this leaves us feeling a tad less lonely, we are also more frightened…

Street lights under testing in Las Vegas can record audio and video in addition to various ‘smart’ capabilities. I am beginning to be careful of what I say around my toaster… and I’m not sure that I can trust my electric toothbrush. It is after all, an insider…

Wendy Davis, the Texas legislator recently famous for a last-ditch filibuster against Texas’ new anti-abortion law and now a Democratic candidate for governor has just announced in a campaign speech that she is pro-life. Just when we thought our Prez was the Pinocchio champ!

The FDA has decided that we will no longer be allowed to eat food prepared with trans fats. The Feds are now taking control of our diet…

The Feds have decided too that it is illegal to refuse to hire felons; it is unfair to minorities. No, not kidding…this applies to the Obamacare ‘Navigators’ hired to help you through the new wonder website that seems to remain inaccessible to humans.

A 13 year old public school 8th grader was suspended for refusing to relinquish his purse. He pointed out to no avail, that the girls were allowed to keep theirs……He seems to have failed to understand that girls are more equal than he.

The Postal Service overpaid its truckers some $61.5 million for their gas…

A new report from the Department of the Census says the official figures for poverty are understated: some 49.7 million Americans are now living in poverty. We seem to be enjoying the first ‘recovery’ in which so many are going broke!

Goldman Sachs (Wall Street) paid Hillary (Yes, that Hillary) $400,000 for two speeches.

2 politicians, in Seattle and Aberdeen Washington, respectively, were just elected to office, though both are expected to have very uneventful terms, as both were dead as of election day.

Thus this week’s helping of–well, reality of a sort–with our hope that you have enjoyed it. And as it is gleaned from our real world, we hope you might give some consideration toward our current circumstances next time you enter the voting booth. We picked the folk that have made this…

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