Will Obamacare Be President Bush’s Fault?

Bush's FaultThe Obama Administration is less about actual governance and more about perceptions, seems to us. The Prez is a perpetual campaigner who has never settled in to govern, a salesman rather than a leader. His mantra: “Never waste a good crisis” has produced not only overt opportunism, it has also turned otherwise unimportant news ‘events’ into major distractions from less noisy by more important issues. Governing the U.S. by whatever hits the headlines is not working very well but that is one perception of the Obamans.

The current crisis du jour is the rocky arrival of Obamacare, signed by the President in March of 2010. We’ve been told that the bill, some 2,000 plus pages, was passed unread by the Democrats in Congreess and the current inadequacies in its rollout suggest further neglect in its following implementation. This Administrations’s skillset seems stronger in persuasion than it seems in administration. That squares with the President’s life experience, so far as we know of it. Some historical rulers such as “Louis, the Well Served” king of France, were renowned for appointing minions with talents in the areas the King was challenged; our President has not seemed to do that. His appointments smack, to this observer, more of the political than of the practical.

The uniformly Obaman ‘news’ media (Most all but Fox) are rallying ’round to fend off what the Republicans are trying to turn into political capital for the 2014 and beyond, elections. There are  some interesting exceptions. Some 10 Democratic Senators are organized behind a move to delay things after scorning a similar idea from the House Republicans. The President can’t run in 2014 but it appears that some of his Democrats are more concerned about such things, a bit of a rift opening up between the White House and Capitol Hill. The divergence is underlined by increasing sniping from some of the normally staunch liberal pundits. With the evident tenderness of Obaman sensibilities, such treachery must be setting off alarms.

A convenient event now likely to receive much more publicity than it would otherwise likely garner is a new book coming out, characterized as “The best account of President Bush’s Failed Presidency.” President Oma’s folk have blamed everything on President Bush to the point that we’re not sure they exclude the weather, up to now. The timing of the book is probably just luck but shifting as much attention from the Prez to his predecessor as can be managed will seem a great idea, right? So expect to hear a lot about this one. The author is a White House reporter, so you know from which side his toast is buttered.

The Obamans need all the distractions they can find; sorting out massive software is a lengthy and frustrating process. President Bush seems available with this new book; other things will be needed as the book fades. Maybe a convenient little war–we still have Syria in the wings, right? And maybe Iran will go scary again. No doubt something will turn up or if necessary, be dug up. That’s the way things appear to work in Washington, these days.

King Canute famously commanded the tides to refrain from coming in but history says he was making a point; he didn’t really expect obedience. Our President seems to have commanded Obamacare to function, expecting obedience without any intervening attention. That isn’t uncommon in those new to the administration of large organizations but the learning curve can be as we see, expensive, with the price paid by others who deserve better. Let’s pray that our leaders have learned the lesson we will be paying for…

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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2 Responses to Will Obamacare Be President Bush’s Fault?

  1. James Teague says:

    Prayer does seem like a good idea for those who are or will be suffering, for our country and for a president who is lost in himself. That fault is also our own too often.

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