Who Won The Shootout At The D.C. Corral?

I'll Save You!

I’ll Save You!

With the Government back to what humorously passes for work and Democrats and Republicans declaring victory or excuses, what are we to think? That depends upon your preferred brand of bull. The only irrefutable conclusion seems to me: Our governors are all clowns, asses or both at once. I am being easy on them after a nice Greek dinner with a nice bottle of Greek wine put me into a forgiving mood.

Most not Republican should be expected to know better than to enter a gunfight without an intention to actually shoot at somebody, but apparently that lesson is left out of GOP playbooks. Speaker Boehner led the shutdown game from as far to the rear as he could get excepting the space already occupied by Senate Minority Leader McConnell. They were solidly behind Senator Cruz, in the hope that he would take the fire, insulating them. Between them and the Dems and their media, Senator Cruz likely has enough holes in him to serve as a sieve, from either front or back. Both parties want him dead politically and some likely wouldn’t mind a more literal application. By standing up for what were not so long ago, standard American beliefs, the Senator is publicly showing the people the truth of current power; that makes our masters look bad and they will not stand for that. Cruz must be taken down.

The government wasn’t really shut, President Obama faked it, stopping a few things to aggravate the public while refusing to budge on spending. The GOP passed government funding that didn’t meet Dem demands; the Dems refused to pass it, which would eventually defund the government. The media blamed the GOP which passed the funding and ignored the Dems who refused to vote on it. The President stood up looking courageous and as principled as a known swindler can.

Now, the government is working again–whatever safety you may have felt the last few days has now evaporated– and the spending faucet is open once more, Obamcare is getting your money and there is no debt ceiling from now until February, when it will supposedly return to not work again.

So: The Dems defunded the government by refusing to vote on the funding bill and successfully (with media help) blamed the GOP. The Dems want to spend and are now able to do so. The Dems wanted to raise the debt limit and now there isn’t any until next year. And Obamacare rolls on, if bumpily. President Obama looks like a leader, basking in this success. Who won? Pretty obvious; the Dems let the Republicans make fools of themselves and now hold all the marbles.

But the GOP won too’ it can now shift the Dem’s blame from itself onto Senator Cruz, who led the anschluss against Obamacare. The Republican leadership apparently intended to raise the debt limit, fund Obamacare and spend since that’s been their apparent posture all along. So if that is correct, they haven’t lost anything they truly cared about and gained the chance to stick pins in Senator Cruz and his Teafolk, something that they very much did want. So if they lost, they’re not feeling too badly about it.

Senator Cruz lost big. Now he will have to return uphill against the Dems, the GOP and the media. He’s a smart guy; he might make it, we will have to see. As a smart guy though, he should have spotted the knives in the hands of the Republicans behind him.

The GOP gave the Dems a win and President Obama, a freebie as the price of a shot at Senator Cruz.


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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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4 Responses to Who Won The Shootout At The D.C. Corral?

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    If the Republicans helped the Democrats get the kinks out of the Affordable Healthcare Act instead of shutting-down the government trying to get rid of it ~ they would be more competitive come 2014 & 2016. I guess that’s too easy & logical.

    Hope you’re doing well, J.C.

    Incidentally, you haven’t signed up for Obamacare yet, have you?

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Well, the Dems in the Senate refused to fund the government; the GOP just refused to fund Obamacare. And the Dems have refused to negotiate Obamacare, so nobody can fix it. The Boehner faction wants to fix it; it’s the Cruz folk who want it gone. But the Dems won’t play. Best we replace them all…

  2. James Teague says:

    Et tu Brute?

    41 news articles against Republicans, 17 against both parties, 0 against Democrats. No contest.

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