Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

Alfred_E__NeumannOur Saturday selection of representative people and events for your amazement, amusement and meant to stimulate something resembling thought…

Determined to get to the bottom of its toilet paper shortage, Venezuela has tried price controls, regulations and new law. All have failed to wipe out the problem, a perfect example of the inherent failure of central government management replacing the market. But Socialist paradise does not return to free markets; it imposes still more of the failed controls. Following the script perfectly, Venezuela has now nationalized its toilet paper plant in a move to get to the seat of the to it, mysterious shortages. American farmers producing corn at subsidized prices for ethanol production will soon have a place to dispose of their surplus cobs…

Illegal aliens may now, not only drive in California, they may also practice law… And pregnant women face new freedom, they may seek abortions from a wider market; the service is no longer limited to doctors. Oh, and I nearly forgot: The state’s legislature has passed a law establishing the status of a child’s parent independently of the gender or number of others with the same status. The Fools’ Golden State looks to become an inspiration… to scriptwriters, if not to the rest of us.

Chicago: 5 wounded in weekend shootings across the city and man shot dead in alley. Ho, hum… not much going on in the country’s model gun-controlled metropolis…

Public education reports have focused upon the ignorance of America’s high school grads concerning reading, math and science, plus the plight of those who never graduate. Call it, ‘dolt production.’ Now someone has connected the dots by testing the resulting adults. You will be astonished to know that our once world-leading public education system has produced a modern generation of adults who lag the world in knowledge and evidently, I.Q. as well. We have evolved a nation of dummies in a few generations! This is likely a record.

The E.U, the U.S, China, India, Brazil, Argentina and many other users of the world financial system are mired in financial chaos and politically unable to correct that. One observer remembers that such circumstances have historically, presaged a major war to cover the machinations used to escape the results of massive governmental mismanagement. You may decide whether you agree.

A truly perilous throne required some 30 stitches below the waist of a perfectly innocent gentleman whose toilet exploded when he flushed it. I will leave suitable commentary to your imagination.

We know the NSA has spent (so far) some $2.8 B of our dough on its massive, now not-so-secret Utah data center, to be opened this year. For some reason, we are not hearing much about the ongoing electrical explosions and fires that continue to attend the turning-on of all the new electrical equipment. A comment perennial in engineering schools comes to mind: “Must have misplaced a decimal point,” said the engineer, as his bridge fell into the river. This is the government upon which we are supposed to rely, right?

Obamacare Bulletin:  United HealthCare has fired thousands of doctors it has been using to service its Medicare Advantage program in what appears to be a retreat from that market in response to Obamcare’s reduction in government payments for those services. This occurred in Connecticut; we will watch to see whether this becomes a pattern or hopefully, not.

Los Angeles’ police dogs are making big trouble for the Angelic City; they bite only blacks and Hispanics…

Piled onto the prevailing Obamacare internet debacle, we now hear that in some 17 states, Food Stamps debit cards aren’t working either. Would this be Mrs. Obama’s new secret weight loss program in tryout?

A man has been jailed in Mexico for installing a padlock onto his girlfriend’s pants to assure chastity. Clearly a man with a modern education and unusual optimism. Those of generations given classical educations will remember: “Love laughs at Locksmiths.”

You now have this week’s slices of reality– of various sorts– to consider. We hope they will edify and not bewilder and that when you fully understand them, you will explain to us; we can use the help.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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