The Children Of Congress Play ‘I Dare You!’



Congress is faking government shutdown in a game of “Cry Wolf!” conducted at a say, 4 year-old intellectual level, whipped on by the ‘news’ media. Call it the politics of irresponsibility. In front of the band, waving his baton, our President grins and glories in himself compared to the Congress where he formerly served with little glory. And these are the government of the world’s most wealthy and powerful country after some 237 years of experience.  The tragedies of history are well said to repeat themselves as farce.

The Democrats and Republicans pointing fingers at each other for ‘government shutdown’ resemble two four-year-olds accusing each other in front of their mother. The GOP House approved funding all but Obamacare; the Senate refused to approve that so the government runs out of funds. Who’s to blame? Technically, the House did its job of funding, it’s the Senate that refused to let it happen. Blame the Dems! But the House failed to fund a legally passed U.S. program Obamacare) along with the rest. No visible adults on either side. Nor is the President helping with his repeated refusals to negotiate. Not only a child, but a stubborn one. Especially, as Obamacare is so clearly in need of repairs.

The United States of America cannot govern itself anymore. Our Founders provided a Constitution for a religious and serious people; they founded a non-sectarian but Christian nation. The mechanics of their gift to us rest upon the degree of uniformity in belief and outlook that assumes; remove that uniformity and their Constitutional mechanism fails, as they have pointed out. 

But we have abandoned that religion and those principles to the point that the American Federal Government now attacks Christianity in legislation and policy, mandating birth control and abortion and enforcing gay marriage upon Christians for whom those are anathema. Some half the people have rejected religion, more than half no longer practice it. The politicians in government are riding two diverging horses; they cannot govern. They are split irreconcilably by the same chasm that rends apart the erstwhile unified body politic.

The same social splits are rending Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere as modernity impacts religions and older social contracts. It is happening everywhere, accelerated by cell phones and the Internet. Microsoft’s Windows are threatening government, letting too many see too much; government reacts by seeking more control of people and thereby, events. And amidst all the contention, progress grinds to a halt while everyone tries to cover their backsides.

An old Scriptural observation about a house divided against itself seems to apply and that is not a happy thought. A prominent economist has started saying things along those lines heretofore kept to himself.

We’re now watching squabbling children pretending to govern the U.S. and much of Europe. A few places–Sweden, Norway, Australia– have been firing such governors and replacing them with more serious people. Whether we will find the maturity to do the same, remains to be seen. There is a high price to be paid if we cannot.


About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much)
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