Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Should I Worry Yet?

Should I Worry Yet?

We hope you enjoy and consider this weeks’ sampling of events characterizing the world in which you live…

First, the august European Union’s high court has thrown sand in the face of the struggling world economy by deciding that all E.U. railroads whose passenger trains are delayed by weather, strikes or natural disasters must reimburse their passengers for such delays. Until now, it seems Euro rail has been protected when events beyond its control occurred. Now it will insure its passengers for such occurrences…at of course, the expense of ticket-buying passengers. Shouldn’t those judges have included air travel?

Jews, restored to at least quasi respectability by the organized murder of some six million by the Nazi state, are drifting–or being pushed–back into their prewar subhuman class by growing anti-Semitism. In their non-English publications particularly, Arab and Iranian reporters now claim those six million corpses are fiction. A new generation of Europeans seems ready to overlook the visible fact that these Moslems tend to treat Jews and Christians indistinguishably when their mobs need targets…

In Syracuse (NY), six young blacks hospitalized a 70-year-old white man on the street, playing one of their fun games of ‘knockout.’ The word to stop this stuff has evidently not yet spread; young blacks are still making pundit Bill O’Reilly appear to know what he’s talking about where young blacks behavioral issues are concerned.

The new SAT scores for prospective college entrants are out.  The result from this year’s crop of high school grads shows that their college readiness is, per the report: “grim.” One wonders how this can be: President Bush gave us “No Child Left Behind” and its standardized testing that so annoyed the teachers’ unions and made so many schools look bad, and that has all been fixed by President Obama’s “Race To The Top” program and the ongoing installation of Common Core. With all that, and still grim test results, one might begin to wonder…

Some $67 M of the Obamacare Promotion money furnished the IRS has apparently, gone missing and the Service can’t account for it… Yawn… (Only $67 M?)

If You’re Young, You’re Screwed! That theme is well charted for you via the link. In short, the flood of retiring baby boomers social welfare costs are shaping up way beyond the capacity of their sparser, lower-earning and already debt-burdened replacements to provide. And nobody among those responsible wants to talk about it, let alone suggest means for dealing with it. Sweden, Norway and Australia have tossed Left leaning, big spending governments; Germany has just reelected a conservative (by German standards) Angela Merkel. The U.S. is proceeding unchecked, promising copious transfusions to its burgeoning horde of elderly patients, with the necessary blood to be provided by turnips.

Chicago: At least 10 people were wounded in overnight shootings…

And the New York Health Department is once again, providing free room and board at taxpayer expense, to homeless–bedbugs.

We spread this Saturday smorgasbord of current reports and events, hoping something here will interest you; we hope we have succeeded…  If nothing else, those in search of some bedbugs now know where to go.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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