When Your Brain Testifies Against You…

Whose Side Is It On, Anyway?

Whose Side Is It On, Anyway?

If we think the economic mismanagement, wars and corruption we’ve been enjoying from government are scary, think for a moment of the new tool coming from researchers in a prison. The subjects have been confined and we may wish that the results of the research had been as those spread into society.

These Pandoras in white lab coats (figuratively, anyway) can look at an MRI of a prisoner’s brain and tell you whether he, she or it is a hard psychopath. A psychopath feels no empathy at the pain of another and may even enjoy it. These folk are usually glib talkers, self-serving and ruthless. Not cuddly, you may say. And it’s hard-wired into their brains, where several areas that light up when normal people feel empathy for other’s pain, stay dark for these psycho’s. The researchers are excited to be able to show us this discovery. I wonder haw many others, reading about it, are saying: “Hmmm…”and beginning their own excitement, for their own, very different, reasons?

We’ve been following this research as it has developed; the results have been visible but remained tentative. Now the facts or out as well, facts. Image the brain, draw your conclusion. So we’re drawing some questions by looking down this road a wee distance to see any oncoming traffic we might unexpectedly meet. And some of it is visible…

Abortion; How old does the brain have to be before hard psychopathy can be diagnosed? Dunno, but you can be it’s going to come up, right? And apparently, some hard psychos manage to stay our of jails. How? Self-control, just not getting caught or blind chance? Gonna have to figure that one out, aren’t we? Some writers (including Dilbert) say that business CEO’s include more psychopaths than the average careers show. Dunno again, though I have had my suspicions of editors…

So as this proceeds, searchers for prospective say, CEO’s may want a list of all the psychopaths and law enforcement may want the same list. And when a given brain is found to carry a say, 90% probability of criminality, likely with violence, what are the ‘activists’ going to push the politicians to do about that? Say that probability is only 40%. then what? So as you can easily see, this can become very interesting pretty quickly.

Now here is an even more fun part: Brain imaging can predict how intelligent you are. I’ll let that lay there for you to consider… I think I need a drink!

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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