Is the Real Killer the Man, the Gun…Or the Little Pill?

What Do You Know About His Meds???

What Do You Know About His Meds???

An interesting story seems to be accompanying the increasingly trendy mass slaughters energizing the nutjob set, one that appears to interest few observers. That story involves the powerful  psychiatric drugs that apparently, at least several of the recent shooters have been prescribed for their ‘behavioral’ illnesses.

One can see how such a potential chemical villain might be overlooked: First, it doesn’t play into the gun control game desired by the political Left; nor does it interest those who just want to lock up the nutcases. It does little for prosecutors who like their names in the headlines, either. We might expect the drug makers to quiet any inquiries as well. One supposes that somewhere, the sorts of lawyers who’ve become wealthy suing cigarette and drug makers are perking up, but it seems doubtful many of those will foot the bill for whatever research may be needed to prove — or disprove — the possibility. Lots of unnecessarily dead schoolkids, theater goers and Navy Yard workers might do that though, if put to that use. But that has not been the case.

It’s only a guess, but it seems likely we’ll be presented more rather than fewer of these sorts of incidents; their endless publicity provides appeal to those who want attention. Islamist suicide killers are likely to be used this way in the West; it’s cheap, easy publicity for the cause, just what terrorists like. And their meds, if any, will have little to do with it.

It may be that the psychiatric drugs are blameless but they aren’t as well understood as they might be and unexpected side effects have come from such sources before. Ignoring this enlarging possibility seems a disservice, not only to those now murdered but those who will be as time passes. Who knows, the next shooter may be coming to a place near you…

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