On Our Nation’s Healtcare And The Contents Of Our Mattresses

Golg MattressDodge, I think it was, years ago advertised its cars as ‘bigger on the inside’ than they appeared from outside; today’s Obamacare recalls that to mind. Initially, we were told that it would insure some number between 19 and 31 million additional people and my numbers-challenged, unimaginative mind froze with the thought: Where’s the money to be found?

We learned that Medicare is hit big, essentially defenestrating Medicare Advantage (Medicare’s HMO program) and we read of the new taxes on medical equipment, some home sales etc. but even the low end 19 million is a lot of expense, especially when a large batch of them are in income brackets that will need subsidies to pay for their coverage. I still have not understood where the money will be found. Today’s Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP Federal health plans provide a large portion of the Federal deficit, most of the rest coming from Social Security and military expenses. All but the last are expected to cost more in the coming years, as the baby boomers retire. I can’t figure out where the money is going to come from; can you? And that’s without those new 19 or 31 million Obamacare folk.

I should probably not worry about such things, just leave them to superior minds like that of our Prez, since he clearly has some secret stash of cash from which he can pay for war on Syria, etc. At least, paying for that doesn’t seem to worry him. It worries me, though… somehow, I see it coming from my money before I visualize it coming from his. Perhaps his high-ticket vacations are putting me off.

We’ve just been told that liberally governed, socially generous, caring California’s Obamacare insurers are ‘sharply limiting’ the numbers of doctors and hospitals they will certify for Obamacare in the state. That’s rationing, needed they say, to hold down premium costs. The government may not care about the money, but it seems the private insurers have some concerns. Must be their selfishness, right?

On the other hand, we’re told by the Business Insider that Obamcare will bail out local governments at Federal expense; the enormous retiree healthcare liabilities burdening public retirement nearly everywhere are, the Insider says, to be fobbed off onto Obamacare. I guess President Obama is expecting to inherit some money. Well, he’s about to appoint a new Chairman (or Chairlady) at the Fed; maybe that has something to do with it. Hmnn… Any idea how much gold one can stuff into one of those new style, foam mattresses?

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to On Our Nation’s Healtcare And The Contents Of Our Mattresses

  1. Pete says:

    Remember we were told by the speaker that they would vote on it and worry about whats in it later???

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