Gleanings from the Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

Should I Worry Yet?

Should I Worry Yet?

Our passing scene has seemed rich with events that could have occurred on no other planet; we spread this sampling before you for you, not we, to evaluate though our feelings may leak through here and there. Please enjoy!

We’re informed that the average U.S. worker has made no progress in a decade. We are not informed as to why anyone should think that an average worker should progress past that status, unless he, she or it has also progressed individually, to somehow, above average… Perhaps Americans have progressed, in their political views, to the idea that voting the ‘correct’ candidates into office should provide them a larger slice of the economic pie?

In famously liberal politically and of course, high-tax New Jersey, a form of poetic justice seems operative; a local mayor has been forced, he says, to move out of his community because he can no longer afford to pay his property taxes.

In very black and very liberal Louisiana, the state has addressed the awfulness of public education by offering families under 2.5 times the Federal poverty income whose children are forced to attend public schools graded ‘C’ or lower, the choice to send their kids to other schools they prefer, funded to a limited extent, by the state. Education vouchers, in other words. The schools mostly affected run 90% black and 100%, dismal. In support, partly black President Obama’s black Attorney General, Eric Holder is suing the state to stop this unfair attempt to reinstate racism. Guess black leaders don’t favor uppity blacks..?

The European Union, when not worrying about going broke, relaxes its mind with other concerns; one of those is a new mandate that will require speed governors on all cars set at a roughly 70 MPH ceiling. Well, this is Europe, so all cars but one supposes, the police, local officials and their wives, etc. Whether this will apply to Islamic terrorists in Britain has not been announced; there is no note on whether it has been published in Germany.

Syrian rebels were arrested at the Turkish border, carrying a cylinder full of Sarin nerve gas.

Libya, for those paying attention, hasn’t been receiving any…it has somehow faded from the news. Those who are paying attention, tell us that it has quietly become an increasingly bloody wasteland. Isn’t that the last place where the U.S. ‘helped’ the rebels?

Chicago update: 53 dead, 224 wounded in the Gun Controlled City for August.

Healthcare update: IBM will drop some 110,000 retirees from its health coverage. Can’t afford it…

The last supermarket in Camden, N.J. has closed. It provided some 100 people decent incomes and shoppers their necessities, for decades. Too bad, really… but that’s what happens to high cost producers, right? Something that the overwhelming majority of Americans haven’t figured out yet, applies to America as a whole in the new world economy.

The number of private sector workers most recently reported fell by some 278,000 but the optimists of government and media preferred to see the gain in the same period for government employment, that rose by some 324,000 workers. See, that’s progress, right? Not exactly, since the money to pay those extra government leeches has to be bled from the private sector for one thing, and since unlike their private brethren, they produce no wealth, for another thing. But it sounds good if you say it fast enough…

The Walmart Strike that you didn’t hear of after you didn’t hear of the Fast Food Strike, fizzled. But do not despair, the increasingly desperate retail unions will somehow, eventually get your–and the politicians’–attention. For now, they have to depend upon hired actors–excuse me, ‘activists’–to hold signs and walk picket lines; the actual workers are too busy uh, working at real if less than wealth-producing, jobs.

Another green car project has gone South with, in this case, some $42 M of our money, courtesy of government.

The Department of Defense has been expanding the list of Syrian targets as the President prepares for his Tuesday night “Let’s kill Syrians” sales pitch. I guess the Prez had them expand the list so he wouldn’t appear as a piker…?

In Washington, D.C. we are told, if you are a tourist found with empty ammunition shell casings in your immediate possession, you will be arrested and charged with a crime carrying a $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail. Now, that’s a lot of brass!

Higher education is progressing, right along with its tuition rates. Harvard, we’ve been informed, is now admitting record numbers of students who are cheaters.

And with this, we have reached the living end: A Tennessee woman was hospitalized after hiding $5,000 in her rectum.

Here, we leave you with your gleanings from our passing scene; make of them what you will…

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