President Obama Mischannels Martin Luther King, Jr.

Banquo's Ghost at MacBeth's Feast

Banquo’s Ghost at MacBeth’s Feast

President Obama addressed the recent Martin Luther King, Jr Washington memorial of the “I have a dream” speech. The President said: “We’ve made great strides…we still have work to do.” Those statements cry for exposition; so does MLK himself, who was nothing like his current use by opportunistic politicians relying on his permanent absence for legitimacy.

First, “We’ve made great strides.” That’s true if you regard government employment, where blacks represent some 18% against their 13% of the population. That reflects ‘affirmative action’, or more honestly, discrimination against whites (and Asians) in hiring. But overall, blacks unemployment rate is 12.6%, compared to the 6.6% of the overall population. Government may hire you because you’re black, but private enterprises have to compete and therefore, lack that luxury. Over 70% of black kids have no father to raise them. And those fatherless black kids produce far too many crimes. What else are they going to do, with their high dropout rates from school and bottom level results on proficiency tests? So President Obama’s “great strides” aren’t as clear to some of us as they seem to be to him. But then, he made it to the Presidency, though he’s only a quarter black, right? And all his records are sealed, so we don’t know how he did it. But there he is, we do know that!

His “work to do” is a little scary, looking at the results of the work that’s been done already. How many more unemployable blacks with criminal tendencies and bad attitudes do we need?

Martin Luther King, Jr, was a Christian (now sneered at) minister, a pacifist whose absolute disapproval of war would turn off the “attack Syria!” crowd instanter and pretty much a small-c communist, who felt that material wealth needed to be used to reduce poverty more than property rights were needed. So the President has resurrected a portion of Dr. King, leaviing most of him, well buried. MLK also endorsed hard work and personal responsibility, rendering him an enemy alien to the modern Democrats. But as he’s safely dead, the politicians can safely ignore those uncomfortable truths by simply rewriting their script. And so they do. I have no clue as to MLK’s sense of humor, but if he had any, somewhere, he’s laughing his head off. It’s more fun than crying, right?

The most obvious marker distinguishing the Reverend King from the President claiming to honor him, was the fact that the only black Senator in the United States was not invited to address the memorial. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina is of the party that freed the slaves and helped to pass the Civil Rights Act over the 57 day filibuster against it by southern Democrats. The President had no use for him at MLK’s event; the Reverend King himself would have seen that differently, along with much else.

Fox News’ pundit Bill O’Reilly has been proclaiming the destruction of the black family by government policies to be the primary reason those favored government clients remain mired at the bottom of the American economy, to much disdain by the black poverty industry, since that threatens their pitch for government dependency. O’Reilly is simply repeating what Martin Luther King, Jr, had already said. If King’s shade ever, in some Shakespearean turn, appears at one of President Obama’s feasts, what he has to say will be a greater embarrassment for the Democrats than ever Banquo’s ghost was to MacBeth.

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