Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

What Me Worry ObamaAnother week of reality has passed in front of us, some attracting attention, some not. Here are the snippets we chose; draw your own conclusions therefrom. We have drawn ours!

Chicago: 3 dead, 12 wounded in current shootings. No week seems complete without ‘The City That Works’ (and typifies ‘tight gun control’) supplying its body count, so here it is. The bodies are just as dead–but no deader–than last weeks. But not the same people, of course.

Students protesting were clearly not dead; their commotion reflected the fact that these illegal aliens attending our public college were required to pay the higher tuition appropriate for out-of-state attendees. They were demanding the lower rates applicable to resident citizens… Is there a Spanish word for: “chutspah?” (That’s the Yiddish term for one who, having killed his parents, demands mercy because he’s an orphan.)

India came to notice because its rupee has tanked and the government or actually, the central bank, is applying currency controls. Those prophesying that India and China are the replacements for the U.S. and Europe in the world economy, kindly take notice… We’re sticking to our bet that we’re all going down together.

Houses caught our eye this week; specifically, some built in Arizona by the Department of Homeland Security (Fed) for its Border Patrol folk. These didn’t seem out of the ordinary, actually–they were worth $70 to $100 thousand each on the Arizona market– but the question unanswered so far is: Why did they cost taxpayers some $600 thousand each? Fox News has asked that question too but has yet to report a response. Maybe response is on hold while our First Family vacations?

In his ongoing concern for the taxpayer’s money, the redoubtable Senator Dick Durbing (D) assigned some of his staff to investigate a company receiving government funds. A prime investigator from the good Senator’s staff was one Joanna Serra, who now work for said company. Nice to see our hard-working guardians getting ahead!

Michael Hastings, the award-winning investigative reporter who brought down two generals, and was somehow killed in a 100 plus mile an hour crash in a major Los Angeles intersection, was, it has turned out, working on a story about the head of the CIA. RIP.

President Obama told his audience in a recent speech, that the GOP hates them. Can you think of any president who has spent his time in the White House traveling around the country, campaigning against the other party? Seems like a new thing to me. And while I admit prejudice, it seems like a bit wide of what I have thought Presidents were for.

Student Loans are the subject of a booklet from the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Particularly, how to avoid repaying them. If the government is empowering borrowers to stiff their lenders, who’s protecting the lenders? I (dumb me) had thought that the government was supposed to do that.

Various raids, arrests and such by local cops are turning out to follow quiet Federal tips per a report. Apparently, the Feds supplying said tips request anonymity rather than credit for the busts. Watchers of this generosity are wondering if the Feds’ sources of the relayed information will stand the light of a court proceeding… NSA, anyone?

Concerning said NSA, it’s reported that at least two Congressfolk seeking poop on the NSA and its allegedly supervising special court, have been stymied. No ‘need to know’, I guess. Or maybe, the NSA couldn’t trust them because it didn’t have anything on them? Logical, but hard to believe of Congressfolk.

Finishing with the NSA for today, an apologist has pointed out that merchants collect data on us too, so whats the fuss about? Well, one might point to the fact that the merchants are up front about it for one thing and they don’t prosecute us for another. And so far as I know, none has lied to Congress about it!

A 72 year old man went out to investigate folk with flashlights prowling his yard and was shot dead–by police. It’s a dangerous world, these days.

So these are your handful of reality vignettes from the week that was; make of them what you will…

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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