Gleanings From The Passing Scene… (Politically Uncorrected)

What Me Worry ObamaChicago’s Godfather, Mayor Rham Emmanuel, seems a mite less ‘Liberal’ in his management than his equally Democratic peers in Detroit. While it is true that his city was able to kill 6 and injure 17 in last week’s shootings, Chicago schools are laying off some 2,113 teachers and others just after their strike won them an average 17,6% raise. On top of that, the city has just announced the closing of 49 elementary schools, permanently. The unions are furious; we’re expecting the Godfather’s announcement that he’s become a Republican any day now… no Democrat has acted like that in decades. Come to think of it, how many Republicans have done that?

Turkey villager captured a kestrel, a small falcon and turned it over to the government as an Israeii spy for the metal band on its leg, showing a number and the word: “Israel”. Can’t be too careful, these days. The bird was delivered for x-ray and investigation at a university, where it was decided that the bird was… a bird. Kestrels evidently migrate and this one had been banded by some researcher in Israel.  The falcon, as spies go, was a turkey. But you never know; those Jews are clever! (The actual spies are probably the pigeons in the village square…)

Adam Kokesh is an activist/troublemaker (which applies, depends upon which side you’re on) who got himself photographed loading a shotgun in public, in Washington, D.C.. The Horror! The D.C. mighty sent the stormtroopers, who extracted Kokesh from his Virginia home, confiscated his guns and some pot the Iraqi vet had stashed and ran him in on charges that, for him, could go to a $10,000 fine and 10 years in jail. It seems unwise to anger Democrats on a hot-button issue… maybe he’ll get the cell they’re saving for George Zimmerman.

An Obamacare Call Center being set up is hiring workers… who wont be offered any health care coverage. This really doesn’t dent the hide of reality much, but it seems somenow, appropriate.

Lawmakers who voted to keep the NSA spying on everybody received twice as much money from the defense industry as those who voted to protect us, per report. We should note though, that after shooting down the Amash amendment that put the NSA out of that business,  a large bipartisan majority quietly voted in a watered-down alternative, so there is now some protection again. Thank Mike Pompeo, Kansas.

Vaccines are in the non-news again. A very big scientist and past Merck high executive has come out and stated that a number of contaminated vaccines have been inoculating children and adults with a virus known to cause cancer. This has proceeded for years; millions are affected and so far, the mighty are sitting on it. You may watch the video here, if you’re interested. (Of course, things like this may turn out to be hoaxes; but a lot of folk know Dr. Francis, the source, and none have denied his statement to this point.)

The Feds appear to have demanded the user passwords (that is, your passwords) stored by the major internet companies, like Facebook and Microsoft.    

A white Connecticut businessman was so savagely beaten, that he cannot remember the incident… by a gang of black teens.

The U.S. marriage rate was 92 per 1,000 in 1920; now, it’s 31 per 1,000. The divorce rate has of course, done the opposite. Fortunately though, most of the illegal immigrants have lots of kids..

Lest you feel concern over the U.S. Department of Justice investing its time and your money in providing George Z the fate ‘overlooked’ by his jury or in shipping contraband guns to Mexican drug gangs, here is a report of the DOJ’s FBI reacting promptly to protect you from a threatening Civil Rights abomination: A high school was holding an event including: “Redneck Day.” Obviously a Federal matter, much too sinister for the locals. And who knows: some of those locals might have been REDNECKS!

Make off these what you will, they’re what’s going on, along of course, with other stuff like dead Egyptians, dead Syrians and New Mexico’s ex-governor Bill Richardson’s lobbying against opening what will be the only meatpacking firm in the U.S. to provide horsemeat for human consumption. I guess old Bill doesn’t want to saddle the state with new jobs…

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