Black Americans: Suckers For White Or Black Demagogues?

BILL O'REILLY White, Middle-Aged Catholic

White, Middle-Aged Catholic

AL SHARPTON Black, Middle-Aged Demagogue

Black, Middle-Aged Demagogue

Recently, populist and at times semi-demagogic talking head Bill O’Reilly preached a sermon on what ails black Americans today. He is entitled to do that; it’s how he makes a (very nice) living. But the resulting furor from the Lefty media and the black oppression industry might lead one to think he had said something like: ‘Send them  back to Africa!’

The black oppression industry rose up and damned white, middle-aged, Irish Catholic O’Reilly as the epitome of oppressors; his “aging, white, bigoted audience” as a mainstay of the black’s problem and denied O’Reilly any understanding of the ‘black experience’ since he isn’t black. All of which, I suppose, O’Reilly expected. He isn’t black and he also isn’t stupid. And most obviously of all, he had hit a nerve and withheld any anesthetic.

You may visit the story of O’Reilly’s ‘Talking Points Memo’ here. And you may see the report of Al Sharpton’s reaction here.

Mr. O’Reilly cited well-known and inarguable facts: Blacks commit more crime than anybody else per capita and are heavily overrepresented in prisons and among underperforming students in schools. Many more black kids are born to single mothers, about 70% now. And of particular note to O’Reilly: the traditional black family has all but vanished, something that O’Reilly finds at the heart of black economic inadequacy and crime. He accuses the black leadership of ignoring these real issues in favor of politicizing white guilt because it pays them better to do so.

All the facts cited by O’Reilly are in fact, facts. Anyone interested may Google crime, births, graduations and so on and will find black Americans lagging in all but crime. There’s no argument. And listening to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP leaders et al will disclose no interest in addressing any of those things, only in blaming whites for them. That is why O’Reilly accuse these self-appointed black ‘leaders’ of embodying the Biblical tinkling cymbals and sounding brass of demagoguery to feather their own nests instead of showing true leadership by tackling the true problems blacks face. O’Reilly is in fact, calling Sharpton, Jackson et al, hypocrites. And that obviously stings, even more obviously, because it is only the truth.

Take a step back: compare the black experience in America with that of the Asians. Both were brought here under a form of indentured labor. The slavery of the blacks was perhaps, a little more hopeless than the labor gangs of Chinese that built the railroads but their work and living conditions didn’t differ much. The Asians were thrown out of the country by law and force while the slaves were freed. Both were well beyond the social pale and forced to the back of the bus for years.

But the government made dependent clients of the blacks and ignored the Asians. Today, the blacks can’t catch up with the whites; the Asians have moved ahead of them, without Al or Jesse to take the credit.

Sharpton responded to O’Reilly by essentially, calling him names. He wasn’t able to deal with the facts that O’Reilly relied upon and pretended they weren’t there. He is, along with the rest of those usual suspects, a self-serving vampire battening upon black suckers at their cost. O’Reilly is correct: black political leadership in America is all Democrats and is all, so far as helping black people, bankrupt.

It is telling that real examples of true success in America such as Bill Cosby, Phd, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Presidential candidate Herman Caine and Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice are denigrated as ‘uncle Toms’ rather than applauded for their undeniable success. That is a clear indication of a sick culture, one that sets destructive standards and attacks healthy ones. That is what has been sold to American blacks by their ‘leaders.’ By buying into this scam, two things are insured: First, the Sharptons, Jacksons etc. will be very rich and powerful and second, black Americans as a group, will remain in America’s social and economic cellar. New and more honest, less selfish leadership is needed to change that; American blacks must do that for themselves or learn to love where they have put themselves. The whites have moved out of their way, but cannot lift them up. The blacks must do that for themselves, as first the whites and now the Asians have done. Bill O’Reilly may be a lot of things but in this, he is only one thing: Absolutely correct.

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