Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

What Me Worry ObamaTerm Limits,Our nation’s Capitol leads us; D.C. has decreed that its residents who have ‘transitioned’ their birth gender to another one, may request a replacement birth certificate with the gender info ‘corrected’. Obstetricians may have to start entering that information in pencil rather than ink…

Chicago: 73 shot, 11 dead. Of course, that includes the holiday as well as the weekend. Residents apparently waste no time idle, even on holidays. This is a city with among the strictest gun control laws in the country, imagine the carnage if the citizens were allowed their own guns…

About 101 million Americans receive some food aid from the Federal government. So do farmers though theirs is for production, not consumption. One might wonder where there are enough productive, unaided folks to pay for it all without leaving themselves in need of aid.

  Atlantic City is reporting 12% lower gambling revenue. Apparently, all the gamblers have invested their money instead into making the recovery we keep hearing about.

The government surveillance industry continues to grow. It isn’t just the recently outed NSA; ATT employs 100 people just to feed the government eavesdropping machinery. Likewise with the other communication companies. (They can’t operate until the government licenses them, right?)

Note: Government decides a lot about our transportation, housing, health care and ‘education.’ It is moving into what we eat, too. Have you wondered what it will do with all this new, ‘private’ data? For our own good, of course…

Presidential Term Limits (currently, two consecutive terms max) will be removed by a new bill recently introduced into the House. Seems unlikely, but interesting.

California’s Legislature is considering a bill that will exclude public schools from lawsuits over out-of-date claims of sexual abuse by teachers; it does not, however, protect private schools. Never subsidize the competition, right?

Our health care case this week comes from Syracuse, not Washington, DC. Surgeons in an OR at a local hospital were preparing to remove the donated organs from a recently deceased patient’s body lying in front of them, when she opened her eyes. Good timing… Lesson: Be sure that you are dead before you donate your organs?

The President has ordered that government employees spy on each other to prevent leaks. Those who refuse are subject to criminal prosecution. Historically, this sort of thing has been productive in various places, among them, Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Communist China and North Korea. It has generally remained annoying but unproductive in most other places. But it’s instructive as to how the boss sees things…

A Colorado baker refused to supply a gay wedding cake; the state banned gay weddings in 2006. Nevertheless, the Attorney General filed charges; the baker now faces a year in jail. You may want to think about this a bit. On the other hand, you may not…

And, Death Valley has reached the end of its patience and issued orders to the world: If you visit, DO NOT FRY AN EGG ON THE PAVEMENT! The attitude seems to be; ‘We’re a tourist destination: Enough with the eggs already!’

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