What To Think Of Zimmerman-Martin In American Justice?

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What are we to think of the Zimmerman-Martin case? Media attention is approaching Super Bowl levels; the President has publicly spoken and the trial is covered better than events in Egypt. We read that there were 20 homicides in Chicago the first week of July but we hear no more of them. So, why this?

Obviously, because the media and important politicians have taken an interest they want us to join. They have a reason for that, which is why you aren’t hearing about those 20 Chicago victims or those from any other city. Specifically, we have a black victim of a white shooter. Elsewhere, blacks kill most blacks and some whites; that’s politically correct, not news. White shoots black is not just news, but grounds to call out the lynch mobs…”Give him a fair trial, and then hang him!” as they once said.

But does that mean that Zimmerman is innocent of any crime? No. We have no way to

Trayvon Per the Media

Trayvon Per the Media

know the truth of so heavily politicized an event as our leaders have produced for this. And they deserve no respect for that. What President of the United States has ever risen before the public and extolled a shooting victim as someone who could have been my son? That was political demagoguery at its worst; has the President never heard of ‘presumed innocent until found guilty?’ Evidently not.

And the President’s iconic Attorney General, Eric Holder, sent Department of Justice organizers to set up anti-Zimmerman protests in Florida, per Judicial Watch. Not content with that, he appears to have overseen the firing of the Sanford Police Chief, who was reluctant to arrest Zimmerman on the evidence available. Is any of this traditional American justice? Unfortunately, yes…except that it used to happen to more southern black people than whites. That though, was a long time ago. It was also repudiated by the whole American society, a shorter while ago. Should our leaders be restoring it with the colors reversed?

The media, in its rush to judgment, reported ‘George Zimmerman’ as white, propelling the furor. The minions were forced to backtrack to his Hispanic heritage as that came out and beyond embarrassment, invented ‘white Hispanic’ to cover his situation…and their incompetence and biases; hounds in full bay, never mind the facts. They persisted in publishing  photos of Martin at 14, somehow overlooking the rather different recent pics available, with their tats, whiskers and a football player’s build. The prosecutor jumped on with murder charges as the media-inspired black reaction expanded.

So this bears the hallmarks of a political lynching. Not nice, not ‘fair’ and surely not what American citizens assume we are all entitled to from the government. Purely, from appearances, Democrats catering to their black clients at a ‘white Hispanic’ guy’s expense.

But maybe Zimmerman deserves it? Maybe he’s a slavering racist who hates blacks? Maybe, but he has at least one black ancestor of his own, per reports. Maybe the whole thing was a setup to kill Martin? We’ll never know, seems to me. I have great faith in our media these days, I don’t belief anything they tell me but the date on the page of the newspaper, and I check that. But we do have some reports direct from the trial, agreeing among multiple sources. The cogent bits are that the back of Zimmerman’s head was bloody and Martin was (except for being shot) uninjured. Witnesses put Zimmerman on his back on the ground, with Martin on top, hitting him. And the firearms expert said that Martin’s shirt was hanging an inch or two below his body when he was shot, which fits Zimmerman shooting up at him. So those appear to be facts, or as close as we’re likely to get. Zimmerman was probably down and being pounded by Martin when the shooting occurred.

Does that clear Zimmerman? Hardly, we don’t know how it all came about or what if any history was involved or whether Zimmerman could have used other means or how seriously Martin intended to do damage or any number of other things. And I suppose we never will know. But what we do know:

Martin is dead, Zimmerman is not and the most powerful politicians in the country are howling for his blood. The judge assigned to try Zimmerman has been acting strangely. Some wonder whether the Administration has leaned on her. We don’t know that, either. But is any of this, your America? You decide.

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6 Responses to What To Think Of Zimmerman-Martin In American Justice?

  1. Rawclyde! says:

    A man with a gun followed a kid walking home from the store and shot him ~ and is free ~ as free as a marked man can be. Our America… it’s a beautiful concept, is it not?

    Personally, I don’t think Z shoulda got outta his car & followed the kid. And the kid should not have jumped him. But ~ Z was following him. A victory for “responsible” gun owners.

    As for our kids? Kill ’em in their schools. Kill ’em on the sidewalk. And twirl your gun!

    • Jack Curtis says:

      Ok; let’s parse that scenario. (I don’t know what actually occurred and don’t expect to). Z, a neighborhood security official, follows M, who is found to have jewelry in his pocket. Forget the ‘security official’ and forget the jewelry as irrelevant. M reacts to being followed by knocking Z to ground, straddles and beats him, breaking his nose and splitting open the back of his head. Z reacts by shooting M.

      Was Z defending himself? Inarguable, if those are the facts. M was uninjured excepting the bullet. Was shooting excessive force? That seems the only fair question. I don’t know, I wasn’t there. The jury is the bet we can do in such cases. They appear not to have though it excessive. (Nobody seems to have considered whether what M did to Z was excessive,,,) M was a 5 foot 11 football player; Z is 5 feet 8.

      • Rawclyde! says:

        I’m sorry. I never realized Zimmerman was so short. And there is no excessive force for the one on the bottom.

        And, finally, I cannot leave this alone: Alex Wagner is the perfect cup of hot coffee in the morning with the new tan she managed to obtain with all her time off during the trial.

        Justice has been served…

      • Jack Curtis says:

        Hmnn… If you refer to la chica morena on MSNBC, addiction needs no explanation!

  2. katie says:

    If only every nosy rent a cop got beat up and demonized…too bad trayvon didn’t get the gun. Mind your own business.

  3. katie says:

    No dhs fbi give gangstalkers special powers….

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