If Racism Is Wrong, Why Is Affirmative Action Right?

Affirmative ActionIf you act differently toward someone because he’s black, that’s racism and in many situations, it’s illegal. In most situations, it’s at least disapproved. But today, black folks are treated differently for no other reason than race in some situations, sometimes enforced by law, and many approve. Because what is called: “Affirmative Action” is in fact, naked racism. Any difference in the treatment of people motivated by their racial makeup is racist by definition. So Affirmative Action is just code, an euphemism for racism intended to obscure what’s going on. White-on-black racism was repudiated and replaced by newly approved black-on-white racism so long as it meets government-approved conditions. And the Supreme Court wants nothing to do with it.

That was done, it was said, because blacks were unfairly stuck at the bottom of the economy and needed a boost to become competitive with whites; it would only be fair to provide that. Since a ‘boost’ that puts a black worker or student ahead of non-blacks is a deprivation for the latter, it is just as destructive as when the victims were black. It’s racism officially approved for government selected victims that was deplored when the victims were not selected by the government. Or perhaps more honestly, by politicians. It can also, human nature being what it is, be seen as revenge. A major point made was that as the blacks moved up in the economy, Affirmative Action would no longer be needed; it would fade away. Right. Some see the government’s approach perpetuating what it seeks to cure.

As any student of government could predict (and many did) some funny things have happened on the way toward that fadeout. The most important one is, too few black people have moved up in the economy. Many have, but nowhere near the majority targeted. Black folks still own the economic cellar. Another result has been the growth of ‘Affirmative Action’ into a massive, costly and apparently, perpetual bureaucracy/private sector parasite that corrupts politics and resists attempts to modify or terminate it.

Arguments explaining the failure of the black folk to rise en masse’ to economic nirvana are many but always end by blaming the white folks. Since the Asians in America started in the same condition as the freed slaves but with the additional handicap of unfamiliarity with the language, laws and customs, their economic rise past even those white folks throws that analysis into question, to say the least.

There is another distinguishing factor though, one that earns considerable suspicion except that it is excluded from consideration by political correctness: Black people have been heavily targeted with government help and those ‘Affirmative Action’ preferences; Asians have been on their own and are now being punished along with whites. Put baldly, the ‘Affirmative Action’ theory is to advance losers at the expense of winners. It first appeared in an Executive Order from President John Kennedy in 1961, so we’ve had 52 years to see how it works. That’s some five generations of people for whom it hasn’t worked significantly as promised. Maybe there’s something wrong with that theory?

Most of us, seeing someone drowning, will try to rescue him. We will not thereafter hover over his life, guiding, teaching and subsidizing it. What that victim makes of his life after his rescue, is up to him. Some of us have noticed that, when our species has it easy for long, we tend to grow fat and lazy and fall off that ‘straight and narrow’ way. It’s all about motivation, right? But ‘Affirmative Action’ goes beyond the something-for-nothing expectations it engenders in its clients; it has other victims, too. Not only are better qualified non-blacks deprived, but the community acquires a less qualified workforce.

It’s notable that black workers are about 18% of the Federal workforce, but are around 13% of the general population. Black workers were 14% of the private sector workforce in 2003. They are 37% of the Federal prison population, three times what we should expect. About 44% of those who are admitted to colleges and universities graduate; for whites, it’s 63% though preferential college admissions for black students have been in place for years. The Federal magic hasn’t worked for the black people, though it supports a lot of tax-favored organizations and ‘activists’ nicely.

What do we do about this? The Supreme Court just ducked, leaving it up to us. Given the investment of the politicians in the government’s black clientele, the size of the support industry and the willingness of black voters to go along, I doubt much will change. And too many black folks will still overpopulate the bottom rungs.

What should we do? That’s easy to prescribe: Dump the anti-white and now anti-Asian racism in favor of a fair, color-blind approach that doesn’t entrench any racial or ethnic differences but treats all comers the same, presenting the same opportunities to all, equally. No guarantees. We like to talk about equality; maybe we ought to practice it…who knows, we might like it! And if you check results in another couple or three generations, I’ll bet that the black folks won’t own the economic cellar any more.

About Jack Curtis

Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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3 Responses to If Racism Is Wrong, Why Is Affirmative Action Right?

  1. the unit says:

    Careful now, you exhibiting too much common sense. Plus black vote figured as a given, now hispanic is the recipe to cook. And who knows, maybe down the road that will counter act the muslim influence. That may be the grand plan after all. Of course after all the Islamophones have ignited all the IEDs along the way.

  2. katie says:

    Gosh no…start your own business and problem solved.

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