Gleanings From The Passing Scene…(Politically Uncorrected)

What Me Worry ObamaHere for you are the reports gathered for you; make what you will of them:

The Drone Recalls the old story of the drunk passing a brothel out West late one night, who saw a couple so heavily engaged in the brothel’s business that they fell into the street from a second floor balcony. The drunk staggered into the place, yelling: “Madam! Your sign fell down!” In our case, the drone, which had been operated by a young man while hovering over a sunbather (the drone, not the young man) fell down, giving rise to this report. This tells us two things, I think: First, sunbathers have become viral objects and second: The drones are here…

Money and how to hang onto it come up here, a reprise of how the folks on Cyprus lost various amounts of their banked wealth to their government when it was arbitrarily grabbed from them to bail out a big Cyprus bank. Sorry folks, but we need your 401k money more than you do! The E.U. has not failed to take note of this easy money, one result being a lot of people moving their banking from Europe to Singapore and Hong Kong. Something that the author seems to think Americans might want to consider as well…

Civil order is  less newsworthy than the Zimmerman show trial so we haven’t heard much about civil order in Latin America.It isn’t only a few days of riots in Brazil. Few seem to be paying much attention but can a reasonable case call planetary civil order into some question if things continue as they appear to be headed? It isn’t just Latin America, either.

School snacks are out front again; seems the kids have been dodging the compulsively healthy and juvenile-ly inedible stuff foisted upon them by Federal mandate; they’ve been pigging out from the vending machines instead. Our loving government, not famous for accepting rejection, has now struck back by mandating the contents of the machines. What is now allowed sounds dreadfully healthy…but American youth is nothing if not resourceful when it perceives its interests at stake. Will the kids, led to the green stuff, finally eat it?

Government regulation, is reported here to have cut the American standard of living by 75% over a 56 year period. Well, you can’t dispute that a workingman used to support a stay-at-home mom to raise the kids and you could buy a new Chevrolet for $750 in 1937. And gasoline was 11 cents a gallon in California, including taxes. Hmnn…

Egypt is resembling a volcanic island just before the natives toss in the beautiful lingenue, so our Peace Award Laureate President is reportedly sending troops there. The question is no longer so much where is he sending troops; it’s more where isn’t he sending them?

A Polish man had a stroke after living in the U.S. for 30 years and apparently, lying to authorities to get here. He was taken unconscious to the hospital. Finding that he lacked health insurance, the hospital promptly deported him, still unconscious, back to Poland, where he found himself when he awakened. Hospitals it seems, have the authority to deport folks; I hadn’t known that. Let’s hope he remembers how to speak Polish…

Anti Bank of America messages scrawled on the sidewalk with kid’s soluble chalk in front of three B of A branches have a man facing 13 years in jail plus fines. When his attorney said he would raise a Constitutional free speech defense, the judge issued a gag order denying him its use. I hadn’t known they could do that, either…

The Obamafolk are suing to block employers’ use of criminal background checks for new job applicants. The government wants this nefarious practice stopped because it’s obviously racist. This was puzzling until it dawned that black folk are disproportionately likely to be jailed… If the government wins this one, we’d best work on improving how we count our change at the register.

A rare bird brought excitement to Britain; its presence was reported in the news, bringing out lots of Brits (they tend to be batty over birds) to view this little wonder. Maybe the little beastie wasn’t used to wholesale public adulation, at any rate, it took off and flew into one of those greenpower windmills, which converted it into instant air pollution.

Those are our signposts reflecting the passing week; I leave conclusions, if any, to you.

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Suspicious of government, doubtful of economics, fond of figure skating (but the off-ice part, not so much) Couple of degrees in government, a few medals in figure skating; just reading and suspicion for economics ...
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